Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Have to ask dwight that. Doesn’t break the game or anything. Very challenging to pull off a big spinner strategy and very rewarding when you do.


As far as the spinner strategy goes, can you get 25x on the spins, or only 5x?


Spinner only affected by PFx and not the shot multiplier.


Changed shots to get SJ in WHC MB from four to five.


Couple Iron Throne notes:

IT is the only multiball where you can use multiple Mar/Greytell add-a-balls in a single playthrough since the action button relights at the beginning of each new ball while IT is running.

Basically a bug: Hitting the action button at the beginning of a new ball while IT is running will plunge the ball into play AND immediately use your add-a-ball, robbing you of a new ball save and the chance to hit the button as you are draining during single-ball play to extend your ball.


This is from the WHC multiball rules. I understood this and have tried for a long time to cash in a massive WHC SJP. finally thought I had done that tonight. My four WIC hurry ups totalled over 500 million. I collected the SJP in WHC for 2x value and only received 70 million. See video below. What am I missing here? Do i misunderstand the rules, or did the game not behave properly?


Without knowing everything you did, I’m going to assume it just did the base value of the hurryups, not the multiplied (collected) value.

If you had a 8x multiplier going (which you were very close to if you kept tickling the ram), that would’ve been a 4B hurryup which seems kind of abusive?


Good luck earning that. I’ve been trying to set this up for like a year. Getting your 4 hurry ups to Total over 500 million and then setting up a multiplied SJP in WHC multiball is extremely difficult imo and it would be an awesome reward. Just bummed it didn’t work out that way. Definitely seems like you’re right though.

Not sure how you gather I was close to 8x. I had no PF X running, so I would have had to hit the ram 8 times then get 2x back on that orbit before the timer ran out and the ice king froz me. (Borderline impossible imo)


I was pretty sure you had 3x pf time out a little before that, but perhaps I am remembering wrong.


Timed out right after the hurry up collect which was only my third one so I would’ve had to keep that alive until i collected my fourth hurry up, and all during the multiball.

Just saying I think the sheer difficulty of pulling something like this off warrants the ability to have all the multiplied values apply instead of the base value. I totally get why a 4 billion shot seems like abuse though. But theoretically that can be done in HOTK too.


Here are links to my five part Walkthrough of GOT pro. Each one has a list of items discussed in order. If I was better at the interwebs I’d have ways for you to skip to parts within the videos, but I don’t know how to do that. Enjoy!

can TD dictate strategy (playfield validation)?

Thank you so much for that, this is just bloody brilliant! I really appreciated the amount of depth and detail, as well as going through the strategic implications of the various choices.

Please do more of these, this is truly outstanding!


I’ve watched one so far and it’s great. Thanks a lot for doing these Chuck. Excellent work.


There isn’t anything about it on the extra ball for points wiki yet. Is the extra ball value changed by play field or shot multipliers?


Someone will probably need to do a glass off test for this. Even at 1x it never displays the 15m, it just gets added to your score.


Halfway through part 2 of your walkthroughs @chuckwurt, really amazing. Thank you so much for what went into these! I’ve learned a lot already.

I took the glass off a few weeks ago to figure out Martell scoring, and here is what I (think I) learned. Not everything you said was perfectly accurate (but honestly, I had never been able to figure it out with the glass on because the clips take over the DMD most of the time).

I rewatched the two plays through Martel (just after 1:00:00 in part 2) and I think what I have below matches with what I saw. All three orbit shots are building your final value, and stack on top of one another.

  • The value that you lock in on your first shot becomes the initial seed of your final shot value, but is not collected at this time. This value should be 19,250,000 and is unaffected by multipliers.
  • The second shot is a hurryup starts at around 10m. Hitting an orbit before it runs out will add itself to your current final shot value, but is not collected at this time. Unaffected by multipliers.
  • The third shot is the same as the second shot, a hurryup that stars at around 10m. When you hit an orbit, it adds this value to your current final shot value, and you are immediately awarded your current final shot value times whatever multipliers are running.
  • The final shot is your opportunity to collect the final shot value you have been building via the first three shots, and is affected by shot multipliers. This is a hurryup, which starts counting down immediately, If you trap up as quickly as you can, you’ll lose about 7m of the (base) value of your final shot, at which point the timer will pause. You can take all the time you want here to line it up, but if you hit a switch, it will continue counting down. It will stop itself again if you haven’t hit any switches. But eventually you can run it down to zero.
  • If you don’t hit the final shot in time, you will get credit for completing the mode, but you won’t have earned any extra points beyond what you collected on your third shot.

The highest base value for the final shot I was able to get was 41m with the glass off. (Using 19.25m for the first shot, and that’s why I’m assuming it’s ~10m additional for shots 2 and 3, though their exact values are never displayed on the screen). 41m is totally impractical during gameplay, though mid 30s is likely possible if you hit all perfect shots.

It seems like if your (separate) orbit timer runs out and you need to start over, you’ll start over completely.

I swear I once saw something less than 19,250,000 on the first shot, but I don’t know how that happened. Either I’m crazy or some switches trigger a countdown and others don’t. But all the ones I recorded in my notepad, and both of chuckwurt’s attempts were 19.25m.


Thanks for the clarification Ryan! I had to do glass off testing with this one as well and thought I had it licked but obviously didn’t do it right it seems. So no points for the first and second orbit, but you get points for the third orbit and final mode shot at either ramp?

Also great tip for the final shot. I never thought to do that. Only thing that would make me not do that is losing out on shot multipliers assuming they are running on either final shot. Not sure if those would pause too.

Also I’ve definitely gotten over 900 million from one Martell mode so I’m thinking my third orbit was big and my final shot was a big collect too. I’m thinking they were both 20x


It was glass off with three people…and we were still a little confused. Watching your walkthrough a few times while looking at my notes helped me clarify.


A lot of this seems true if you’re able to hit your first two orbit shots relatively quickly, but if it takes a few seconds, I’ve seen some pretty wacky behavior that almost leads me to think it’s probably just random.

My best guess is the first shot is also on a hurryup - while it can be as much as 19.25M, I’ve seen it under 3M a few times. Also if it takes a while to make your second shot, I’ve seen the value of that be less than your first. “Jackbot Builds”… indeed.

Disregarding any multipliers, it seems the only real consistent way to get good points out of Martell is to hit all your shots quickly - as it probably should be. But if you take too long to hit any one of your three (but not >10 seconds), you kinda sacrifice yourself to the RNG gods.


For the third shot, is the value added to the final shot total also affected by multipliers? Or is only the value you directly collect multiplied?