Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Nice. Does that logic between pops and timers apply to all the multiballs, or just WHC?


Not sure actually. I would assume yes but with 3 balls it would be tough to keep that going long


Should be noted too that playfield multipliers have a 2-3 second grace period after going out. If the ram is hit during this grace period, the multipliers start right where you left off with a full timer. Except if your at 5x. That has its timer and there is not refreshing it to my knowledge.


This also works for the left ramp if it is dispensing multiple balls. Ball save timers start once every ball has been dispensed into play, and if the sword lock is not set to Virtual Locks you can feed the sword to “trick” it into thinking it has an issue (with operator error!)


You can also trick an operator error by nailing every center ramp if you bring Stark into BWMB. :slight_smile:


Gotta love the Starkwater Strategy.


What does this mean?


Dunno if it’s been fixed in 1.34, but if I keep shooting the center ramp repeatedly when BWMB starts, it may eventually trigger an operator alert with respect to the ball lock toy. I mention Stark because it’s the only use case I know of to keep looping the ramp.


What happens when the alert is triggered?


I just recall the DMD saying it’s an operator alert. (I’m not the operator)


In addition to the DMD alert, if I’m not mistaken, I believe it will cease trying to fire the coil in question. I haven’t tried this before, but in this case, it would temporarily disable the sword lock from releasing whatever ball(s) you’ve got in the lock mech, providing a significant advantage of allowing you to play Blackwater in single ball play.

Definitely not allowed in competition, but an interesting trick to use when not in competition.


Okay so what happens if you hit all the balls up there then? Ball search eventually releases all of them?


Correct. Ball search will eventually release whatever is there, once you’re not flipping anymore.


The coil is a sometimes thing - I’ll try it tonight since the PPL is on location with a GoT Pro. If it works, I’ll get back to you.


Tried this out tonight for shits and grins, and it looks like ball search only releases a single ball, thus continuing the single-ball multiball.


I didn’t read the entire thread, so I hope this wasn’t already answered. I started experimenting with Greyjoy as my house and ran into a confusing issue not being able to complete Stark. It was always a simple mode when playing as Martel.

Anyway, if I’m reading this right, this would be the quickest way to complete Stark when playing as Greyjoy:

  1. Shoot the center ramp 3x
  2. Shoot booth orbits
  3. Shoot both ramps


I don’t think you can complete stark as Greyjoy by hitting a ramp. I would say quickest is hit both ramps, both orbits, then hit a ramp, then hit another orbit to complete.


Right ramp, right orbit, live catch. Backand left orbit, live catch, center ramp until max value, left orbit.


Thanks PinballNarcissist. I couldn’t help myself so I went over to the bar last night where we have leagues and tried to nail it down. I came up with exactly what you outlined. It doesn’t appear that you get any more time when you hit a shot though? There were a few times that I would miss a shot and ran out of time.


Are there awards in the pops to add time?