Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


Eh, just go all the way around through Iron Throne and get a second HOTK :wink:

Might be interesting for games to have a “reset” button on progress at points like that – start over to try for a second HOTK, or keep going to try for Throne? I suppose that could become a balance issue, but if it’s only offered at specific points it could work.


Or blow up a WHC multiball. Just make sure you average around 25-50 mil WIC hurry ups and your base super jackpot in the multiball can be lucrative.

If your combined 4 WIC hurry ups add to say 150 million, that’s your base SJP value in the WHC multiball. So if you can get that with say 10-20x mixed multiplied shot, that’s a pretty big pay day.


Sorry if it’s already buried somewhere in this thread, but what determines the start value of a WIC hurryup?


So a couple things can decide that. If you pick stark house your WIC hurry ups will have a base value of 14-16 million. If you’re any other house, they are 6-8 million. Random awards can inscrease that amount too, but pretty sure that’s it.


Hitting “iced” shots or getting random awards seems to be the only way. If you drain with WIC running, that value you drained with does carry over, but that’s obviously not an ideal strategy. :wink:

Side note: spent some time with a Premium this weekend. Really interesting stuff happens with the mini playfield during Targaryen - such as your score ending in a non-zero. :slight_smile:


On the Premium, you can easily catch a big HotK using some of the modes if you’re dedicated. 25x maxed mode shots can do wonders with the right setup.

$50 to @bkerins Patreon if he can pull a single Lannister mode greater than 5B tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Tell me how and I’ll give it a try… I don’t want your money if I pull it off, except in monthly installments :wink:


It’s a mix of 25x shenanigans and upper playfield work. The Lannister castle effect gives advances on the Lannister value similar to hitting gold targets, but it can be built up to the cap of 75M. Since Lannister saves mode progression, any advancement of your valuesare also saved. Then it’s hitting the ram to light 5x Playfield, restarting Lannister, and then hitting shots in combo to clear the mode.

Safest way to do it is:

  1. Play Lannister while not hitting any lit shots. Use the upper playfield to build the mode scoring to 75M a shot. Use any extra time to light shots (optional).

  2. After Lannister ends, hit the battering ram to start 5x Playfield. If for some reason you accidentally hit the mode start, sacrifice a danger to keep the “Choose your Battle” lit while skipping.

  3. Start Lannister, and collect shots with the highest combo values you can (Tyrell helps a lot). 75M X 5 playfield X 5 combo = 1.875B per shot, for a total of 9.375B on the mode max. Without Swords to boost combo X (as an opening move), you can max out at 5.625B.


This would be incredible to witness. Good luck to whomever tries. You’re gonna need it. Haha


Wait what? Tilt warning to keep mode start lit??

Is there a list of the castle effects for the different modes? Asking for a friend

Also it seems like you’d want to deliberately not light all the Lannister shots so that you can use shots to build combo multiplier. Definitely a Tyrell play, also. Crazy.


Yep! Tilt warning automatically kicks the ball out of the sword and keeps your mode start lit! Very rarely used, but it is a thing.

How each castle works is listed in the guide. Castles themselves are 15M up front and 7.5M (edited, I usually get a stack so I remember 15M) in bonus (!).

Is definitely a crazy all-in play, but it does what could be impossible.

(I wish I could be down to help with production and talk shop, but ironically I’m booked with math tutoring. :sweat_smile:)


Wow, I had no idea this is how it works. This would explain how I once had a 800-900M Lannister mode and had no idea how I got such a score.


I know you can stack two modes then stack that into a MB. Can you stack two MBs? Can you light locks for Wall or BW MB while in the other MB?


You can stack Winter Has Come MB onto either BWMB or Wall MB. Please read/search the Rulesheet at the top of this post to learn how. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t believe you can make progress toward wall or BWMB in the other respective MB.


Sorry yeah. I read through he rules but didn’t see a mention on stacking BW and Wall and making progress during the MB. I figured you could stack some of the wizard ones. Just checking.

Another annoying question. Can you stack BW locks? Basically hit the stand ups 3 times but not lock a ball then shoot 3 balls in and start BWMB. I think I have done this but confirming.


No. Have to lock one at a time. Targets ramp targets ramp, etc.


Also after playing BWMB twice you still have to hit both lock targets but once you hit one the other is put on a timer. If you don’t hit it within the timer, you have to start over lighting the lock.


I added these nuances to the Wiki


The key thing about whc stacked is that pop bumper hits pause both the timer for ball save and playfield X. So as long as you keep 1-2 balls consistently in the pops (which is easy to do with 6 balls) you can just build up playfield X without risk of it timing out to go along with a 2-3 minute ball save.