WPPR v5.8 sneak peek

Well if you scroll up a bit the definition is still being debated. But I don’t think I’ve heard anyone propose that the format (I.e. multi matchplay or certified) had anything to do with it. What I have heard is that a farm features

  1. a single location
  2. hosts multiple high value events over the course of a weekend
  3. does so multiple times per year

Under these conditions, LPA seems to fit the bill. Not as big as other farms like fulda, but still a farm.

I don’t think the quality of events factors into it. By all accounts, the D82 events are top notch. How would you define a farm? It sounds like you think farms are synonymous with low quality?

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I don’t think farms need to be synonymous with low quality, but there is a risk that cramming so many events together can lead to that.

At Fulda for example, to try and keep to the schedule:

Finals brackets (for at least one comp) were played on classics machines (classics all set on three balls too by the way). This was to separate the finals, which were overrunning, from a flip frenzy event taking place in the main hall.

Tie breakers played as two ball games. In the past I’m pretty sure 1 ball games have been used.

Games played on machines that were left leaning, or had terrible flipper alignment. I believe the tech was also playing in the tournaments, so barely any time for maintenance. (Both TDs also played all the events)

None of which is intended as criticism of the enormous effort that went into that weekend. One of the tournaments went on through to 5am for example! But the very nature of cramming so many events together can lead to compromises being made to the quality.


Hard disagree.

Efficiency is definitely a hallmark of WPPR farms. I would wager that the vast majority of WPPR-farm tournaments do not go more than a game or two beyond 100% TGP. At LPA most recently, the main tournament had 36 games played in qualifying plus best-of-five for the top 24. They could have played three 100% TGP tournaments in the time that took.

With WPPR farms, quantity becomes a quality of its own that often overrides other traditional qualities. This usually means the tightest possible final rounds or the most efficient qualifying to only just clear 100% TGP in time for the next tournament to start.

This isn’t necessarily a value judgment as the tournaments within a farming weekend can be of higher or lower quality depending greatly on the qualifying format, how many go through to final rounds, etc., but quantity and efficiency become the main goals.

150% TGP next year should temper this somewhat.

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The US farms are typically including a certified event, so it reaches it is exceeding 100% TGP as well


Borås, which is a WPPR farm, included a certified event as well. However, even with these certified events, the tournaments don’t really go above and beyond that, they stay within the parameters to be efficient and fit in more tournaments.

Borås played 14 qualifying games and 16 playoff games for their certified tournament at their weekend in March, and the certified tournament was one of 8-9 tournaments that weekend.

LPA played 3 tournaments their weekend and the main tournament included something like 56 machines total toward TGP (36+~20 for qualifying and final rounds). The point wasn’t efficiency and more tournaments.

Borås is a WPPR farm, at least their tournaments in 2021 and 2022. Fulda is a WPPR farm. LPA is not. If LPA is included on that list, a lot of other places need to be included as well.

WPPR v6.0 updated with Fulda results :slight_smile:

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Drew Geigel up 3 spots. Interesting!

Boiling down your points, I’m hearing you say that “Number of meaningful games per tournament per tournament matters”.

How many meaningful games beyond 100% does the tournament need to go?
What proportion of tournaments need to go beyond 100% before they aren’t considered a farm? (e.g., 1 event with 50 meaningful games and 3 events with 25 vs. 4 events with 25 meaningful games)

I’ll also point out that it’s incredibly difficult for an outsider to distinguish these finer points you are making. In the IFPA data, a tournament that had 25 meaningful games looks exactly like one that had 50.

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How does that help keep schedule? Because there weren’t any other working games available?

I’m sorry, but that sounds awful.

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Some in this thread would clearly disagree…not me though. Farms are cool, they have chickens and stuff. More farms please! However I wouldn’t mind a little less classics. :grin:

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Everything pre 2000 is gonna be a classic soon!

For those of us that like to try and create a pinburgh type tournament that requires players to play all eras, dmd/lcd games are unfortunately only about 1/3 of the equation at best.

I have started to go more like 1/2 dmd/lcd and 1/2 EM/SS.