Twitch/livestream setups.

I filmed this not so quick video of how we set up our rigs. Hope you like it


This was great!

Even though we have 5 people in our “crew,” I have to attend every event because I have too much of the setup knowledge just in my head. I need to make one of these!

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I only made it for our crew as well. But then I thought, why not post it?


This made me chuckle. Someone got tired of micromanaging batteries. :smiley:


I mean that works. You’ll never have to worry again and just plug it in when you go home to recharge.

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It’s the new meta! Our 12 38.8mAh batteries (6 on the rig and 6 replacements for multi-day tourneys) are a PITA. We often stream in places with low ceilings or doorways, else we’d have one of these.

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I have a Sony ZV1 question. One of my cams (especially the score cams) go in and out of focus when the players shake the machines. Is there anyway I can fix this?

Maybe a slower f-stop? I would think something like 5.6 or 8 would allow for a more lenient depth of field and still be ok for iso of a score display.

Or even just turn off auto focus?

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I have them on manual focus. It’s just weird

Try auto focus then. Or you’re saying it does it either way?

It especially happens when they shake the machines. lol

Are your cameras attached to the game? They shouldn’t shake if the game is nudged.

This definitely looks like an autofocus glitch.

Just a few seconds after 25:40 ish into the stream.

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No sorry, sometimes when the player shakes the pin, the score can goes in and out of focus. It has to be a setting on that camera that I am missing.

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have you got another camera? I’m going to guess it might have an actual fault looking at that video.