Twitch/livestream setups.

Last night’s league stream. Thoughts on how to improve the broadcast before a tournament on Saturday?

This looks and sounds fantastic. Only couple things I’d recommend is this:

Maybe try and get a bit more game/rig sound to come through? Maybe point the mic at the speaker if you can?

Then maybe see if there’s a way to make darker games be a bit brighter on stream (monster bash) and other games a bit less washed out (Deadpool)

But really great I think! Follow incoming.

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Thanks for the suggestions and the follow! I’ll see what I can do. Main issue with lighting is lack of battery power at the moment. I have an LED light that works well but will crush a 7800mAh battery in no time.

Game sound has been somewhat of a mystery for me. I bought an external mic to pair with the Canon HF R60/R500 I’m using on the game screen, but I get no sound as soon as it’s plugged in. Maybe a hardware limitation that the camera can’t output external mic sound over HDMI? Perhaps @kdeangelo has some insight on this because I know he’s used these cameras before. Maybe it must be a battery powered external mic? I’m just not sure.

If using a mixer, these are fantastic and not too expensive.

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Interesting. I’m currently using an Audiobox USB but I do have a mixer I could use. Any issues going through walls with those?

D82 uses them and haven’t had an issue yet. I haven’t tested through walls per se, but o don’t not have line of sight in my basement and they are great.

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Slides from the talk are available and I did a pre-recorded version of the talk and posted to YouTube.

Slides: GSPF 2024: Start Streaming Pinball! - Google Slides

I’ll add a CC notice on the slides later but they’ll be free to derive work from as long as you mention author and source.


My Canon is an XA11 that I really only use at INDISC and have always had someone else help setup the interview mic for it, so unfortunately I’m no help here.