TPF 2019 Tourney: Announcements


Could be, but still, it’s a circuit event even if you’re not going to the North Am or Womens, and does have the amusement show pass.



if only it wasn’t that close to TPF :frowning: feels more like a side tourney to Nationals :wink:


If all of the state/provincial finals were completed then you sold PinMasters it would be sold out immediately. Honestly that is the way it should be to give more people incentive to go to Nationals. Tough for some to make a trip just for one day. Even thou it is Vegas and many other things to do.



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We’re excited to announce the list of pins for TPF 2019 and thank all the exhibitors for their generosity. For the few pins on here that aren’t listed on, I’ll work with Andreas to get them added to the list, and I’ll update them with rules, tips, and strategies.

Event Era Title
Main EM Atlantis
Main EM Cleopatra (EM)
Main EM Mars Trek
Main EM Team One
Main Modern Cirqus Voltaire
Main Modern Demo Man
Main Modern Iron Maiden Pro
Main Modern X-Men LE
Main SS Alien Poker
Main SS F-14 Tomcat
Main SS High Speed
Main SS Meteor
Classics SS Fathom
Classics SS Frontier
Classics EM Heat Wave
Classics SS Joker Poker
Classics SS Jungle Lord
Classics EM Lancers
Classics SS Phoenix
Classics SS Viking
Kids Modern Munsters Premium
Parent/Child Modern World Cup Soccer '94
Back up EM Solar City
Back up SS EBD


Awesome lineup!!! Thanks a bunch!!!


Oh those look great - hoping 5 more people drop out!!! :smile:


@neilmcrae based on last year at this point, I’d say your chances are very good. But no guarantees. I expect a few dropouts after significant email blasts I send out to registered players (like the one from last night). Keep your fingers crossed.


I’m hoping 77 drop out lol


Going to highlight some of the updates that we’ve been announcing:
First… Addition of the Texas Takedown: Women’s Pinball Championship tournament

We’re excited to announce the first ever Texas Takedown: Women’s Pinball Championship tournament! The tourney will take place on Sunday March 24, 2019. This tournament is open to all female attendees of TPF. This is a SEPARATE event from the women’s division finals of the Wizards tournament. You do not have to play in the Wizards tournament to play in the Women’s Pinball Championship, so please spread the word to any other female attendees that aren’t currently registered for the Wizards tourney. Registration will take place all day Friday and Saturday at TPF, and limited to the first 64 players who register. More details can be found here:


Great news to share with all of you!

The TPF Team is pleased to announce that Scorbit has agreed to sponsor the TPF Classics tournament for 2019. As part of this partnership, Scorbit is contributing $500 to the tourney purse for TPF Classics. Thank you, Scorbit team!

For those of you unfamiliar with Scorbit, at its highest level, it is “connected” pinball. Scorbit allows scores and other data to be real-time broadcasted to an Internet service from a pinball machine, ranging from solid state to DMD and modern era machines. You can imagine the many applications that emerge from doing that. You can learn more about Scorbit here –

To see Scorbit in action in a tournament setting, check out much of the stream of the INDISC 2019 Finals featured on iepinball’s Twitch channel


Continuing the announcements that were sent out to registered Wizard (main) tourney players via email around two weeks ago:

Warm-Up Period Added on Friday morning

Based on player feedback, we’re adding a warm-up period from 9am-10am on Friday morning. We invite players to warm up on the tournament games. The purpose of this warmup period is to find any last minute problems with the games before the tournament begins. We request that all players limit their warmup to around 30 seconds on each machine to give other players a chance on the machine. There will be no other opportunities to warmup after qualifying begins at 10am. Players are not guaranteed warmup on all or any games. There will be no warm-up or practice allowed on pins outside of this period. Further, the qualifying time on Friday for both Wizards and Classics is now extended to 1am on Saturday morning.

Classics Tourney: Save time by buying Entries in Advance

Avoid the long line to buy Classics entries! We recognize that it took a long time to get players registered and initial entries purchased for Classics players early Friday morning last year. In response, we’ve added Classics entries to the TPF Store that you can purchase now through March 15. After March 15, Classics entries will need to be purchased at the tourney registration desk. Whether purchased in advance or on-site Classics entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. Buy them here:!/Texas-Classics-Tournament-Entry/p/130844104/category=0


Slight update to pin list: the Stern Iron Maiden Pro will now be an Iron Maiden Premium.
3rd Tomb Treasure will be set to +15M Power JP instead of Madness MB.


Are you disabling secret skill shots?


Yes. Doing Competition Install, and disables Secret Skill shots. And sets a stadard starting mode, deterministic mysteries, etc.
(that type of info on Secret Skills will be prominently displayed on pins)


Note should say, “plunge left outlane and die!”



Oh my. I guess no signs at SPC?