TPF 2019 Tourney: Announcements


haha too many F5 at noon :wink:


back up, I’m in, it said 148 left when I was in the queue


Yeah, I got the database error right at noon as well. Hit refresh and it worked fine.


Only 76 left


40 left


got mine!! 34 left


How soon after sell-out do you plan to post the list of players?


My preference is soon as possible. The waitlist requests link ($0 purchase) will be available immediately after sell out. I’m not in control of the transaction records, so can’t commit on exactly how quickly we can post the player list


I saw that American Pickers paid a visit to the TPF show last year, trying to do a deal with Craig.


17 remaining


checked just now [10:34] and it said 3 left


they gone


At least a person had a chance to get one, unlike Pinburgh and City Champ where it is super tough and you almost need to get lucky.


Sooo … based on the waitlist length for City Champ, the 24-hour signup and this, it looks like for non-Pinburgh events in the US, the “saturation” point, i.e. the number of “gotta sign up instantly” players is around 150. That would be a mix of travelers, like me, and locals for the region.


The waitlist sign up is posted in the TPF Store.

Thank you to all who are playing in TPF 2019! We look forward to seeing you there, and another great tourney and show!


If you want to be put on the waitlist, you need to “purchase” a waitlist marker. Don’t worry, it costs $0. The waitlist marker is available in the store.


For another data point, Portland Pinbrawl has sold out 128 spots in 60 seconds the last two years. That’s pretty much all PNW players, mostly Seattle and Portland.


For another data point, Pin-Masters is 72 spots and it’s still not sold out yet :slight_smile:


Yeah, Josh, it’s odd that City would sell out so fast but not PM, especially when PM comes with a show tie-in and cheaper hotel rooms.


My money’s on a Jan 19 sell-out date. :wink: