TPF 2019 Tourney: Announcements

Set your calendar for this Saturday!! Texas Pinball Festival 2019 Wizards tournament tickets will go on sale this Saturday, October 6th, at 12pm CDT.

The tickets for this Stern Pro Circuit event sold out quickly last year, and we anticipate they will sell out even quicker for 2019.

• The popular Wizards tournament format will remain the same: limited entry, multi-era, capped at 160 players, with A, B, Women’s and Novice division finals.
• The Wizards tournament entry purchase will include show admission at the early bird rate. For simplicity, you’ll purchase both in one transaction. $80 for the Wizards tourney. $50 for the TPF show pass at the early bird rate. $130 in total. (We have a plan for players who are also game exhibitors to refund the show pass amount)
• The Classics tournament will return with more pins than 2018.
• The Kids and Parent/Child tournaments will run on their own machines.
• Similar qualifying and finals schedule as 2018: qualifying all-day Friday and half-day Saturday, Classics finals Saturday morning, Kids finals Saturday afternoon, and Wizards finals Saturday evening.
• Access to one of the best pinball festivals in the world and a 40,000 square feet game room / exhibition hall!
• A full lineup of industry and hobby seminars.

We are still hammering out a few last details and will announce them on updated tournament pages before October 6th.

Looking forward to seeing many of you March 22-24, 2019, at TPF 2019!


Tournaments page on the website seems to indicate otherwise.

Pretty sure it’ll be updated to say so.

Is there refund period information anywhere?

IN years past you would get refunded if your spot was filled. If the spot couldn’t be filled (wait list) you would not get a refund. Generally the wait list is large enough to where this hasn’t occurred to anyone that asked before the day of the event.

I’ll let the TD confirm but this is what I recall from the past couple years.

Please wait a couple more days so I can point you to the official refund policy. It will be posted online.

Unofficially, it’s similar to last year as @85vett described, but there will be a cutoff date to receive a refund (likely March 1), and refunds will not include the online transaction fee.

Final reminder: 160 tickets go on sale tomorrow, Oct 6 at 12pm noon, US central time.
Don’t miss TPF, and don’t miss out on this awesome Stern Pro Circuit event.

The winner for TPF A Division will win an estimated $4,400, plus an awesome custom molded trophy from Double Danger pinball.

The Classics unlimited entry tourney is open to all TPF show attendees, and last year’s total cash and prize package for the Classics was over $2,600.

Full details can be found at:

The TPF Wizards and Classics finals will be streamed on Twitch, compliments of @spraynard’s new wireless mobile camera rig he’s building.

See you all the weekend of March 22-24 at TPF 2019!

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Only an hour away!

One key update that’s different than prior post/discussion here: the refund policy is very generous. It’s at the bottom of the official tourney rules/information link provided above.

Please don’t take unreasonable advantage of it, and only register if you intend to come to TPF and participate.

funny how if you click on the “tpf store” in the “tournaments” section of the website it sends you to with an empty page compare to your link above which has goods from previous year in it?

Thanks for checking and the question. You can use either link. But I suggest the latter. The “tpfstore” link redirects you to the “store” link.

The original one posted here “store” is the one I’d recommend because it takes you there quicker. :slight_smile:

10 minutes. Woohoooo!

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sales out in under 5 minutes? what was last year? :slight_smile:

the link in the OP takes me to a page with last years coins and shirts. im assuming the tournament option will pop up at noon?

Get your refresh buttons ready!

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that’s the idea i think :slight_smile:

Time to crash the site!

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we did it everyone!

it DID crash

database error fro me :frowning:

I think it’s back up, sorry people!