TPF 2019 Tourney: Announcements


Yippie!!! I’m debating pulling the trigger on a Maiden Premium so I’m excited to have a chance to play one again, even if it kicks my butt (likely will).


I assumed it was an unfortunate miss on the standard skill shot, since he does half heartedly nudge


poor Paul :frowning:


Brave move opting for Maiden Premium instead of Maiden Pro. I love both flavors, but in our league the pro has become the go to due to so many issues with the premium.


I would prefer the safety/reliability of a Pro for tourney. But we have a Maiden compliments of a TPF show purchase deal (someone buying a NIB pin being brought to and shown at TPF). And the vendor only has one Maiden Pro to show, so they want it in their booth instead of in the tourney to display to potential customers – they have Premiums to spare. So we’re getting a Premium instead in the tourney.


the premium will be fine just need to tune it in.


I’m assuming that I’ll be tasked with this. Anything you’d recommend tackling or checking for? I know about the issues with the captive balls and the switch going into the sarcophagus lock but if you have a list of things I’d appreciate it.

worst case, if this isn’t one of the games I’ll be assigned to I just put in a purchase for a Premium so that info will help there too as well as I can advise the tech of those items as well.


I’d clean the play field and put some wax on it, that way any launch issues should be minimised for the length of the tourney. but other than that:

  • the captive balls, especially note the pinky left flipper in hitting the mummy captive ball, often you think you’ve fixed the captive ball but it only works head on shot. Make sure someone has blue thread locker (locktite).
  • sarcophagus (who knew I’d be able to spell that perfectly!) lock, my guess is that this will be fine for the tournament, ideally I’d recommend you to swap to the williams style ball switches but given the time limitations that might not be doable, but if you own this game this is a must do change.
  • Can you stage on the flippers properly
  • do all the switches properly detect on the main loop shot (watch out for the mylar lifting)
  • ensuring that the auto launch and manual plunge take the right figure of 8 path, suspect this won’t be an issue on a new game but the full solution is to drop in a and turn the power down a little.

since doing all of the above my IMDN LE has been rock solid for a while it was on its way out because of all this agro. I’m around thursday if you wanna catch up on this.



Appreciate it. I’ll be their about 3ish Thursday to start my volunteer time slot.

Since this one isn’t my game I don’t think I’ll change any coils or switches (on mine that comes in I diffidently will so thanks for the tip).

I’ll try to remember to grab a bottle of locktite as well and bring it to the show. For some reason I thought Stern changed the mech for those so was hoping those registration issues was a thing of the past. Guess we will see.


they did and its more precise but doesn’t help with the unscrewing issue… Make sure you have a switch gap tool :smiley:


TPF is this weekend!

Copying from @spraynard’s post in the Upcoming Stream thread:
We will be streaming the main, classics, and women’s tournament finals this year. A lot of top notch competitors are signed up to play, all competing for a whopping $4400 first place prize that’s part of a total near $19,000 in cash & prizes! I expect some intense competitive action!

Saturday (3/22) ** all times US Central **
9am: classics
5pm: wizards finals

Sunday (3/23)
12pm: women’s tournament finals


For those of you playing in the Texas Takedown Women’s Championship, the in-person registration begins at 9am Friday morning at the tourney desk (when the tourney desk opens).


Do you have any idea what the demand for the women’s tourney will be? My wife would like to enter but i don’t think we’ll be getting there until noon. Do you think she has a decent (or any) chance of getting in?


This is a first time event, so it’s really tough to say. My guess is she’ll be okay? Maybe?

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