The Munsters Rulesheet

Will someone spill the beans on how to activate secret mania already?

So can I talk about how much I freaking hate Spot as a mode?

Not only is the target you have to hit four times to light the Super an instant drain most of the time, but Dwight Sullivan thinks it’s a great idea to make you spend 40 seconds after lighting said Super going for blue shots to light the dangerous target for minimal points. I’m really wishing they allowed you to stack modes that aren’t called Lily in this game, because it’s really starting to get on my nerves.

I feel like a good way to fix modes like Spot would be to include a way to end it with a shot to the scoop after lighting the Super Jackpot, where you can decide whether or not to end the mode with the Super qualified or continue going for more points. Lily ends automatically after 100 switch hits, so why can’t Spot?

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Light Grandpa before starting Spot, start Spot, shoot the scoop. It’s not lit, but it stacks the 2 in.


Thank you, I was wondering how that stack worked. I’ve also seen Grandpa / Raven stacked once after starting Grandpa on the same shot that collected a Mystery award that happened to be Start Raven but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ignore going for the Spot mode SJP. Spot completes by simply starting it, or hitting the pop-up target once, correct? If you don’t manage to stack Grandpa on top, after “completing” Spot, shoot your favorite orbit to time out Spot. Qualify Munster Madness. Profit.

Still, I agree that’s poor game design choices on risk/reward to have something that encourages timing it out by shooting any other safest shot.

The SJ build seems backwards here, the marginal value increased it would encourage getting them all. Getting all 10/9 should be a huge payoff worth going for.


“But that would be a lot of points! And we can’t let players get lots of points!”



I hope that’s a bug, but I think the display suggests needing to hit Spot 4 times to light the super. Crappy design choice either way.

Simply starting any feature is enough to complete it. You light the Super Jackpot by completing certain tasks in each feature. For Spot, that’s hitting the world’s most dangerous target four times.

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Alright, so call me crazy, but I think I might have figured out how to access Secret Mania. This is entirely hypothetical but I think I’m getting close to something.

There are four meters at the bottom of the display, and each one is capable of showing the number “3”. Wild guess here, but I think Secret Mania could be activated by getting to “3” on the Zap Meter while 3x Playfield is active, with 3 Super Jackpots qualified. These three are relatively easy to get. Then you might have to shoot the scoop and press the flippers three times during the Super Jackpot animation to start it?

My reasoning for this is the Secret Mania rounds in Getaway, STTNG, and Who Dunnit, all coded by Dwight Sullivan, are all activated in ways related to the number 3. Unfortunately I don’t have a machine to test this on but it might be worth doing some glass off research into.

@mwelsh Figured this out but hasn’t shared yet AFAIK, at the request of @Dwight. Seems like it’s time to me. This game could use a little location love and people trying to activate this could be just the ticket right now.

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I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now. I’ve figured out that it doesn’t have anything to do with the random lights at the start of the game, that’s just a red herring… I think.

What’s the deal with combos? I see the meter but i don’t know what they do for me. I love shooting combos in this game, but it would be cool if there was another super jackpot for combos. Or maybe combos could award enlarging Ray in premium/le Right now mystery is the only way to get enlarging ray, which i don’t love because i want to collect 10 out of 10 supers at 6x

Combos do absolutely nothing for you besides awarding some token points. On the Premium / LE though, you can rack up some decent points off of combos on the lower playfield.

Also, welcome back Mitch!

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Dwight’s blog may hold some clues.

Is this already reflected in the rulesheet? According to the Super Jackpot table in the current version of the rulesheet, the triangular sequence of value increases for stacks still ends at the 4-stack.

I just wanted to add to this conversation and really hope the coding can be changed to allow better flexibility and provide players a bit more utility in completing the game esp in a competitive state.

The one thing that really is frustrating about this game is Mystery awards being collected once per game, and additionally, only one player can collect it. For example, In a match play the first player to Mystery on lower PF blocks that collect from anyone else. Has anyone else noticed this?

Additionally, the mystery award, when it gives Spot or Raven, is the most ideal situation a player can get, with Spot, you immediately get to skip the requirement to building SPOT up and can then work on timing it out. With Raven, it’s just self evident that a multiball will pay off better than other modes. Light kitty would be the third best option, as to help build values in current modes.

If any other users can tag the correct coder for this suggestion, I’m going to put it out here:

It would be much more beneficial for all players to have the ability to access mystery. Additionally, if the mystery could relight (Maybe as a dragula award - i.e. 2 dragulas relight mystery, 5 for the next, 9 and so forth) it would add some key shortcuts to help players progress and might alleviate the general consensus that the game is pretty difficult (it is).

Finally, the mystery award seems to have some weird flipper behavior that I can’t explain. Often, when you land on what seems to be the final mystery award (i.e. he opens the book, and the page flips twice), you can push a combination of buttons to move it forward, or backwards, from what should be the final reward it gives you to one more page or back to a previous award. Has this also been explored by any users? i.e. in my case it lands on light herman mb, and I push right button, and it moves one more page to light kitty. or it goes by a light spot, and I push left buttons to move it back. Is this accurate or am I just making it up?

I’m fairly certain when in Competition Mode, that Munsters will award Light Kitty as the first award for all players, followed by other deterministic awards. And one player getting one of those fixed sequence of awards does not lock out other players from enjoying the same sequence.

Correct. I should have distinguished between competition mode and regular one. So, Light kitty is the first award in competition, but in either setting, only one player can collect it from how I have seen it played. i.e. If Player 1 collects mystery, 2,3,4 can no longer get it - this happened during a recent tournament and may not have affected the final outcome very much but it did frustrate me because I could not collect it after someone else did.

Oh, I see. Yes, indeed: that would be unfortunate and not a level playing-field. I could have sworn in a Munsters game at a tournament in late October, that at least two different players were awarded Light Kitty as their first Mystery
I don’t have one of these to check.