The Munsters Rulesheet

Will someone spill the beans on how to activate secret mania already?

So can I talk about how much I freaking hate Spot as a mode?

Not only is the target you have to hit four times to light the Super an instant drain most of the time, but Dwight Sullivan thinks it’s a great idea to make you spend 40 seconds after lighting said Super going for blue shots to light the dangerous target for minimal points. I’m really wishing they allowed you to stack modes that aren’t called Lily in this game, because it’s really starting to get on my nerves.

I feel like a good way to fix modes like Spot would be to include a way to end it with a shot to the scoop after lighting the Super Jackpot, where you can decide whether or not to end the mode with the Super qualified or continue going for more points. Lily ends automatically after 100 switch hits, so why can’t Spot?

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Light Grandpa before starting Spot, start Spot, shoot the scoop. It’s not lit, but it stacks the 2 in.


Thank you, I was wondering how that stack worked. I’ve also seen Grandpa / Raven stacked once after starting Grandpa on the same shot that collected a Mystery award that happened to be Start Raven but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ignore going for the Spot mode SJP. Spot completes by simply starting it, or hitting the pop-up target once, correct? If you don’t manage to stack Grandpa on top, after “completing” Spot, shoot your favorite orbit to time out Spot. Qualify Munster Madness. Profit.

Still, I agree that’s poor game design choices on risk/reward to have something that encourages timing it out by shooting any other safest shot.

The SJ build seems backwards here, the marginal value increased it would encourage getting them all. Getting all 10/9 should be a huge payoff worth going for.


“But that would be a lot of points! And we can’t let players get lots of points!”



I hope that’s a bug, but I think the display suggests needing to hit Spot 4 times to light the super. Crappy design choice either way.

Simply starting any feature is enough to complete it. You light the Super Jackpot by completing certain tasks in each feature. For Spot, that’s hitting the world’s most dangerous target four times.

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Alright, so call me crazy, but I think I might have figured out how to access Secret Mania. This is entirely hypothetical but I think I’m getting close to something.

There are four meters at the bottom of the display, and each one is capable of showing the number “3”. Wild guess here, but I think Secret Mania could be activated by getting to “3” on the Zap Meter while 3x Playfield is active, with 3 Super Jackpots qualified. These three are relatively easy to get. Then you might have to shoot the scoop and press the flippers three times during the Super Jackpot animation to start it?

My reasoning for this is the Secret Mania rounds in Getaway, STTNG, and Who Dunnit, all coded by Dwight Sullivan, are all activated in ways related to the number 3. Unfortunately I don’t have a machine to test this on but it might be worth doing some glass off research into.

@mwelsh Figured this out but hasn’t shared yet AFAIK, at the request of @Dwight. Seems like it’s time to me. This game could use a little location love and people trying to activate this could be just the ticket right now.

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I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now. I’ve figured out that it doesn’t have anything to do with the random lights at the start of the game, that’s just a red herring… I think.