The Munsters Rulesheet


I bet they represent your progress entering secret flipper codes. I’ve had all eight lit, then plunged. Didn’t notice anything.




But afterward, Hermann won’t lock balls, Spot is permanently stuck in up position and all super jackpots are worth 55K :grin:


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Added the current Super jackpot rules to the wiki. base value reduced in current code, and also added what the value is multiplied by depending on how many you have stacked. Thanks to Dwight for detailing that out for us.


Looks like diminishing returns after the 5th SJP (13x / 5 = 2.6 “x” per SJP). 6 is 2.5, 9 SJPs is 2.3333…, and 10 is 2.3. But the sound effects for getting all 9 or even 10 are probably too awesome to pass up (and easily my favorite part of the game, though that’s not necessarily saying a lot).


Also the biggest jump in value is from 3 SJP to 4 SJP (6x to 10x). Note to self - Never cash in less than 4 SJP at a time!


I’m going to see if I can convince Dwight to make the max SJP stack worth 50x. That would really make for some interesting decisions. Haha


Feels like it should all be triangular: 1,3,6,10,15,21…

Those bigger collects have to be very rare, so might as well make them super memorable.




Dumb question: if I collect four SJPs, is that 350k x 4 x 10, or just 350k x 10? (ignoring tiny incremental additions to base values)


Just times 10. Actually now I’m not sure on the base value. Haha. That’s a good question.


So for easy math, if we assume that the piddly increases in your SJP base value are negligible, then at 350K base, the max multiplied SJP (with all 10 SJP’s qualified, at 6x playfield) would be 350K x 23 x 6 = 48.3M.

It’s also worth noting that effective PFx management is much more important than a long-delayed SJP (once again, at 350K base value): a relatively simple 3 SJP cash-in, with 6x PFx running is worth over 50% more than a more difficult to achieve (IMHO) full 10 SJP cash-in with no PFx runing.

  • a full 10 SJP = 8.1M
  • a 3-SJP cash-in, multiplied by 6 = 12.6M


Great point, @Snailman. Good rule of thumb (at least for me) will be always cash when 6x is running, never cash without a PF multiplier. I guess with 2x or 3x running I’d play it by ear, depending on whether or not I had another lit kitty or two.


Confirmed. You only get the initial 350k. Apply multipliers according to how many you collect at once and applicable PF x


You can turn ball save on in settings if this is hurting on location play.


I got a little better feeling about Munsters premium in league last night. I watched Timmy Street put up 407million. Then I tried to employ some of his Premium/LE rules knowledge. I went into the 3rd ball with 1.3million. Came out the other side with 177Million. Playing the lower playfield with multiple balls trapped on the main playfield is a real challenge and pure awesomeness!

Here’s a little tip. During Lilly with 6x playfield, every shot to the Lilly target is 3Million.


I could be wrong but I think that’s only during Lily 2/3. Lily 2 adds a progressive jackpot on the targets that builds based on switch hits, but even shooting the targets constantly awards decent points.


You’re probably right. I think it was after he had played his first Munster Madness.


Lily 2 is definitely a great chunk of scoring, especially when you throw Raven 2 in! The Raven jackpots by that point in the game are pretty high as well, especially if you can boost the scoring from the Dragula award.