Stern Rush Rulesheet

This is how I tend to go about “math” rules too, I ignore the statistics and just remember the bare basics. Like, on Game of Thrones, ram gives me playfield X & scores are multiplied for combos. The display makes you think otherwise because it shows you the combined values but it’s fairly basic when you think about it.

My experience on Rush hasn’t involved going for flashing records unless I know I’m really close to getting all of them the same color. You can play the game effectively without even knowing the rule is there, but knowing of it’s existence means slightly higher scores than you would get otherwise. When it comes to new players I often tell them “shoot the record shots then center time machine for modes” and that sums up the game pretty well, the math takes a backseat and can be viewed on the display if you really want to see it but is otherwise ignorable.

In a nutshell: “Shoot records to light modes - each color corresponds to a different mode. Shoot locked-in records of the mode’s color to increase mode scoring.” Simple as that. The flashing / pulsing inserts are just background info if you boil down the rules to their basics.

i simplify it thusly: the more non-solid records you hit before starting a mode, the more your mode score is going to be.

obviously there’s nuance to this, but if you continuously hit non-solid records, you will eventually lock in all record colors to your mode so all shots are 2x and while doing this you will be getting +10% per. whereby, i conclude that aiming for R-U-S-H to change flashing record colors is basically never worthwhile unless you’re dead set on playing or avoiding a specific mode.


Oh no! I just now realized the linked pdf that had 160+ clicks was an old out of date copy of the rules. I’ve updated the wiki with the insider link that should hopefully be dynamic and always show the latest version. (Can also navigate to Rush—>Instructions—>Gameplay guide when you’re logged in to stern insider)


In a mode, does a pulsing record of a different color have any meaning? e.g. I was in Spirit of Radio with some % boosting scoring, but 2 shots were pulsing orange and one was solid blue. The blue (left orbit) was clearly adding double to the dead end jackpot, but couldn’t tell if pulsing orange (on inner loop and spinner) was doing anything.

As I write this up it seems almost a bug? like i must have hit all shots, and had Working man lit, but after completing all records, I only hit left orbit (or maybe hit right ramp and right orbit too with non-blue/non-orange) so it became the only solid record, changing mode to Spirit of Radio, so maybe the pulsing orange should have unlit?

Yeah it’s a bug, and it’s purely a light display bug so no impact on scoring. The records are currently a little inconsistent when choosing your mode but should be remedied in the future

just a comment to say i really like the bonus x rule in this game. It’s fun to hit the spinner, it’s fun seeing the counter on display, it’s feels neither random nor multiball dependent like many other games can feel.

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The new software seems to have a bad bug with the freewill add a ball limit - it never seems to reset the counter! You can start a fresh game and start freewill multiball and not be eligable for any add-a-balls despite not having any previously due to counter being left from a previous game.

I’ve emailed but if there is a better place please let me know.


Nice find and thanks for sending in the report. See the NYC Pinball Championships thread, the code for Rush used at NYCPC will be running a beta with that bug fix as the only gameplay difference.


Nice glad to see it has already been spotted and fixed least for a beta version. Any chance of getting hold of that beta software to put on our machine?

I had a game with weapon for both far cry and one little victory and I used the one for far cry but when I got to one little victory it didn’t offer me the ability to use the weapon again despite qualifying it. I checked after the multiball and it said in the status info I had the weapon available for part 2 of the multiball. Does anyone know if it is it intentional that you can’t use both in the same multiball or is this an oversight?

You sure the button wasn’t blinking? It might not show Weapon is Ready but there should be no reason you can’t use both. Can even do the triple add a ball with Clockwork Angels and headlong flight… Could be a bug for the exact scenario you ran in to maybe?

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I set it up specifically but the button remained red. It possible if I held it down it maybe worked and it being a visual bug. Definitely not flashing green and I didn’t get the robot voice saying to activate it. I know doing far cry and headlong flight together as you mentioned does work.

TRIPLE add a ball in Headlong?
I thought only two: one from Mystery AAB, and the other from Weapon AAB. What’s the other?

Quadruple baby!
One little victory weapon
Far cry weapon
Headlong flight weapon

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there appears to be a frequent occurrence bug, if you have weapon ready for a song mode, then start a multi-ball, the “weapon is ready” animation and call out will play again when the multiball starts, even if you don’t have a weapon for that multiball

Turns out the Vapor Trails album didn’t do anything for you during One Little Victory, like, at all. Whoops.
And yeah, fixing the other weapon is ready display weirdness along with that. Thanks all

Some feedback regarding the magnet fixes from the most recent code update. Had another 5b+ game last night at Enterrium, this time on a Prem. The magnet started dying about halfway through again, I assume it would engage less than on a Pro too. Otherwise flawless(well minus not getting to use Weapon for my OLVs as Ray just said)…I honestly haven’t played a pin that builds so much in excitement and intensity as Rush does.


You gotta give me a heads up when you’re planning on hitting up Enterrium or any other location you plan to play Rush at nearby :smiley:

Completely seconded on the excitement / intensity of this game, the multiballs are some of my favorites in pinball for this very reason - the game is full of “moments”, you know you did something good and the game will damn well make you sure of it.

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Ah thanks for the reply now I know I am not going crazy. :slight_smile: