Stern Rush Rulesheet

@raydaypinball Any possibility when you collect a combo at the time machine to display the album art again as well as the album name (Just shows album name atm) similarly to the 123 display? Especially when I had early games I see “vapour trails” but can’t remember what the cover looks like which is what you see on the songs. Maybe even better also listing the songs it works for since the link of songs to album for none Rush fans is difficult to figure out at times.

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Listing the songs is a great idea! Plus the repeated exposure to the link between songs and the albums they’re on will naturally help a player remember them over time.

As a non Rush super fan I would definitely appreciate something like this, since I still have no clue which albums correspond to which songs.

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Hmm, just got done with a long game (6.5B) and didn’t notice any issues with the magnet at the end of the game, held the ball as I’d expect it to.

Anxiously awaiting 2112!


Ah nice, the prem was a new addition there, maybe they didn’t update the code…I’ll check next time I’m there.

Version 1.0 is out - here’s the relevant portions of the Prem/LE readme. (The Pro version omits the part about the clock motor fix but is otherwise identical.)


 - Fixed an issue that could infrequently cause the drum clock motor to stop
 - Fixed an issue that could prevent the weapon from being enabled when
 reaching One Little Victory.
 - Fixed an issue that could cause record colors to incorrectly light up 
 when the player was in a mode.
 - Fixed a display issue that could show 0 jackpots during the Cygnus X-1: The
 Voyage intro.
 - Fixed an issue that prevented players from ever adding more balls in
 Freewill multiball after 3 balls had been added across games.


 - Time Machine Multiball:
   - Reduced the number of shots needed for time machine multiballs after the
   first 3 time machine multiballs are played.
   - Reduced the number of time machine hits needed at higher difficulty levels.
   - Changed the decades achieved benefits to also boost the base values in
   Time Machine multiballs.
     - Red Barchetta jackpots boosted +250k for each decade achieved.
	 - Subdivisions jackpots boosted +500k for each decade achieved.
	 - Fly by Night jackpots boosted +250k for each decade achieved.
 - Red Barchetta Multiball:
   - Increased Red Barchetta base jackpot value to 750k (was 500k.)
 - Subdivisions Multiball:
   - Increased Subdivisions base jackpot value to 1.5m (was 1m.)
 - The Spirit of Radio:
   - Added the number of Radio Jackpots qualified to the UI info panel. 
 - Headlong Flight Multiball:
   - Time now starts at 5pm by default to make Headlong Flight multiball more
 - Loop Millions:
   - Added additional speech for loop millions values.
 - Records:
   - Reduced the record requirement to light modes after a player has completed
   all 6 modes in 1 game.
 - Cygnus X-1: The Voyage:
   - Changed the blue planet rules so the side loop and side ramp are their own
   separate shots.

 - Added 2112 Wizard Mode
   - Lit from achieving 2112 time machine years in addition to playing
   both Cygnus wizard modes.
   - Starts at the Time Machine.
   - 3 Minute I. Overture phase to build jackpots. 
     - 6 Balls in play with unlimited ball save time.
	 - Each movement's jackpot locks in every 30 seconds.
   - After 3 minutes, the player plays through the movements until time runs 
   out, they lose all balls in play, or they beat the Grand Finale.
   - Start in II. The Temple of Syrinx and play through VII. Grand Finale.
     - Each phase shows the number of shots needed for an add-a-ball and the
	 number of shots needed to beat the movement.
	 - An additional add-a-ball is awarded for completing a movement.
	 - All shots must be completed before the music in a movement ends.
	 - The mode ends if a player drains all balls in play.
 - Added a 2112 Champion high score entry.
 - Changed the logic for the "BEST TIME TRAVEL(L)ER" high score entry to show
 the initials for the player who most recently achieved 2112 years.
 - Added additional achievements:
   - And the meek shall inherit the earth:
     - Start 2112 wizard mode by advancing the Time Machine to year 2112. 
   - The Temples of Syrinx:
     - Complete THE TEMPLES OF SYRINX.
   - Discovery:
     - Complete DISCOVERY.
   - Presentation:
     - Complete PRESENTATION.
   - Oracle: The Dream:
     - Complete ORACLE: THE DREAM.
   - Soliloquy:
     - Complete SOLILOQUY.
   - Grand Finale:
     - Complete GRAND FINALE.
   - We have assumed control:
     - Complete 2112 Wizard Mode.
   - Topper Millions:
     - Earn the MILLIONS topper award.
   - Topper Frenzy:
     - Earn the FRENZY topper award.
   - Topper Extra Ball:
     - Earn the EXTRA BALL topper award.
   - Topper Advance Time Machine:
     - Earn the ADVANCE TIME MACHINE topper award.

Interesting how there’s achievements for topper awards despite there not being a topper yet.

I’ve run into a situation in league where a plunged EB never ends the ball. Whether it was a short plunge or into the pops, ball save lights stay on, and then require another manual plunge, over and over. Autolaunch never kicks in. This eventually gets resolved with a few garbage flips but that’s extra info to explain to new players who are just getting used to the no flip EB rule.

Can someone test on the new update to see if this is still the behavior? I could see it getting exploited in a close game where a player could plunge the pops and drain infinitely for small points with no risk.

It’s because pop bumpers don’t add validation switch counts, so you end up with the plunger lane as switch one, the left orbit as switch 2, and then if it goes down the middle it won’t see valid playfield. I know a lot of people rejoiced with this update because people would get very angry and auto plunges that hit the pops and go SDTM and end their ball, so if the pops were to validate you’d lose that nice little “feature”…

Figured it was a valid playfield situation. How do other games with similar layouts handle it? I don’t recall ever encountering this issue with infinite plunged EBs on Kiss, X-men, Aerosmith, etc.

Probably just has the default 3 switch overridden so that the right orbit switch instantly validates. Easy fix, great for plunging extra balls. Not so great for the houseball though :wink:

Seems like a reasonable punishment for botching the short plunge!


Aaaand 2112 is a clear winner. Sometimes it’s the simplest modes that really do work - I’m not sure if this was intentional or not but I absolutely love the thematic integration of having Soliloquy, when the protagonist is at his wit’s end, being the toughest of the seven phases. The animations are great, the callouts from the band members are awesome as always, and it looks like we have three for three in regards to awesome wizard modes in Rush. My one complaint - I’d love to have more of a big freak-out sequence once you’ve made enough shots to win the Grand Finale. Would fit the chaotic ending of 2112 and older games have done it very well, right now it feels a bit sudden cutting back to normal play.

I find it interesting that a full plunge into the pops that immediately drains is considered a house ball. I say plunge better.


Possible bug: animation was playing from either finishing a 1-2-3 or collecting combo jackpot, followed by quick shot to the spinner lane which did not register as 1 for my next combo.

Can someone confirm the instrument lane changing solid records? my Pro does not exhibit this behavior. Are there some nuances to this?

Can anyone articulate how combo jackpot scores are boosted?

I know hit more combos adds a multiplier, and hitting combo again boosts… but it seems the base value is boosted via other ways too that I can’t make out.


Did this not clear things up? RUSH Pinball Official Owners Club-“Straining the Limits of Machine and Man” | All clubs (...members only!) |

1-2-3s build the jackpot, that’s all there is to it. The amount a 1, 2, or 3 builds varies greatly depending on Bass value (from drops), whether it’s a 1,2 or 3 (multiplier), whether it’s in a combo (x2), if bass is active (x2), or shot has a rainbow record on it (x2-4)

Jackpot multiplier is equal to number of albums collecting at once + number of times you’ve gotten all ten albums. Combo super is always 2x the last collect jackpot, if you collect another jackpot before collecting the super it will just add 2x the jackpot to the super and reset the timer, I believe


Thx @raydaypinball - sorry for the repeat question. I really appreciate your willingness to help us understand fully.

Some followups…

Is it only 1-2-3s that are lit for the current eligible combo sequences combo that count to add to JP? (aka only the next shot in an eligible sequence adds to jackpot - not just any 1-2-3 shot)
Does a previously collected combo shot (slow pulse) still add to JP? (I think so?)
When does Super Jackpot expire? It’s noted as a timed event, but I often see it staying lit well beyond the normal combo sequence?

I think what made this confusing to me before was the intermixing of the other qualified stuff that I also didn’t fully understand the terminology. Like, Instruments… and differentiating between simply an instrument being lit vs collected vs the timed perk.

When an instrument is slow flashing (not collected yet?)… is it’s perk ‘active’? Or only after it’s been collected by completing the bank or lane? Which is separate from the TIMED perk which is started at the lane AFTER it’s been collected. And it’s possible to collect the same instrument multiple times thus stacking it’s collected perk effect, yes? How does that play out after end of ball? I see collected records stay lit, but wiki says perk is till end of ball. It seems you can have an instrument COLLECTED, but the Collected Perk not be active [like after end of turn], is that correct?. (the instrucment section of the wiki is especially confusing IMO)

Rainbow records… are they stacked on the same shot? Or is it a rainbow shot’s boost is based on how many total rainbow shots have been collected on the PF at that point? Your example says “3x rainbow on spinner and side loop” – I don’t understand the Rainbow multiplier… as the other section says “multiplies al future shots made to rainbow records by 2x +1x per rainbow record, to a max of 4x”.

If two shots have rainbows on them, isn’t that 2x + 2x = 4x rainbow boost on the made shot?

I’d love to made the rule wiki more precise, but I’m not really clear on these distinctions and frankly I don’t get to study the monitor enough to get help. It’s too busy during play, and too small to read from afar if not playing and too small on streams usually.

It’s a 30 second timer (can be doubled if you currently have the Extended Timers perk from the time machine) and the timer countdown can be seen on the UI in the 1-2-3 section on the left. It’s definitely kind of small but really, if you light the super jackpot you should just try to get to it as soon as you can so you don’t lose it. You can tell it’s still available if the SUPER JACKPOT bulb mounted above the ramp is flashing.

Hit a drop to stop the roving instrument. Complete all 3 drops to “collect” the instrument you locked in. This will carry across balls for the purpose of Freewill multiball. Collecting an instrument will raise values on the associated part of the playfield (combos, spinner, pops) which resets at end of ball unless held from a ramp award.

Shooting the instrument lane behind the drops will “activate” any instruments that you haven’t activated since last collecting them. Right now this is only shown by a slow blink on the instrument bitmap itself on the UI (which instruments can be activated), although hopefully this will change in a future update to include the playfield lights to make it more clear.

When you shoot that lane and activate all the instruments you have collected that are able to be activated, a 60 second timer starts. During this you’ll see the instrument images in the UI blink rapidly, and see the following changes on the playfield:
-pops will pulse if drumsticks are active, indicating double pop scoring and clock progress
-spinner lane has a dim purple light indicating all shots there are +1x scoring

The easiest way to tell if your bass is active is via the big “2X” banner that pops out of the 1-2-3 section in the UI, indicating all 1-2-3 values are doubled while bass is active.

If you activate one instrument, and the timer is getting low and you collect and activate a different instrument you can reset the timer to 60 for all instruments. Alternatively you can activate all 3 instruments at once if you’ve collected all 3 prior to hitting the instrument lane.

Yeah, all rainbows grow together. If you have one rainbow shot, its value is 2x shot multiplier. If you have two rainbows, then both rainbows are 3x multipliers. 3 rainbows = all rainbow shots are 4x.
With your guitar active the spinner and spinner lane can be an additional +1x on top of this.

There are also the non rainbow records that, during a mode, will make all mode points at that shot 2x (or 3x if you have all 6 records the same color or rainbow). If there’s a conflict between this mode shot multiplier and the rainbow universal shot multiplier, the higher one will be applied.


Since Instruments cycle across all, including instruments you’ve already collected, does that mean you can collect again and stack their boosts? Or is it just to collect that instrument again so you can re-use the timed perk?

It looks like we need SIX states for each…

Idle - cycles between all three instruments - no perks.
Locked - A drop target has been hit, but lane and/or bank hasn’t been completed. (no boosts/perks)
Collected - Lit solid after bank or lane hit. Blinking on UI. Perk is active till end of ball, and eligible for starting the timed perk
“Used” - An instrument collected on current ball, but timed perk already expired. Lit solid, blinking in UI?? “collected” perk active till end of ball, but not timed perk.
“Saved” - Instrument that was collected on previous ball. Lit solid, but not blinking in UI. No perks active, but may or may not be eligible for timed perk??. Still counts towards qualifying freewill MB.