Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet

In the new code is the Nedry save stackable with the Light Outlanes award for Smart Missile? If you already have the right outlane lit and earn another right lane save do you lose the one you earned because it was already lit?

Hmm any one else having issues with the gate going up and down?

This is a known issue on new code and a patch is being released to fix it ASAP.

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Have had mutilple game resets on 1.10. I have a pro and it has happened randomly during a game as well as when using the start button to restart a game. Game goes into full reboot.

What’s the email to report code issues?

It’s always at the top of the readme file.


I had similar issues on a premium, reported them. Twice when I was in the t-rex paddock, I drained just as the t-rex was moving to a new shot. Game locked up & rebooted both times.

One time I drained and did the left flipper + start button thing to end the game (yes I’m that guy) just as the game tilted. It froze on the tilt display, never recovered or rebooted, had to power cycle the game. Nedry’s blue screen of tilt was an actual blue screen of death. How meta.

Never saw the gate up/down issue, though.

godzilla had an stuck on tilt bug that got fixed.
if you tilted while locking ball 3 the game just locked into tilt mode.

Is there a callout when Nedry is lit as a ball save? I’m earning the outlane save but honestly don’t know I’ve done so until the ball gets back into play, usually when I’m walking away from the game.

Not as far as I know, but on new code, the “Nedry” light only lights when the outlane save will activate.


There’s definitely a new callout when Nedry actually saves the ball, but nothing that I’ve noticed just for lighting it.

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  • Chaos Multiball - The Truck can now collect Chaos Letter Jackpots if they are lit at the Amber Target.

Is this working for anyone in v1.11.0?

The readme is half right. You need to have 2 or fewer jackpots lit remaining. The turn insert should light up to collect letter. This was mainly done for the left side jackpots since the truck makes the Chaos Target harder on that side


Thanks for the info. Just tested this, and as far as I can tell, it only works if a maximum of 1 jackpot is still lit. I’ve updated the wiki accordingly.

@CaptainBZarre, I’ve noticed you changed the “Complete Chaos” smart missile award to “the current cycle of CHAOS letters will be collected”. What was the situation in which you encountered that change? As far as I can tell, it’s still the old behavior, i.e. collect the current cycle if it lights a multiball, but award a full set of letters if not.

If you tilt before a trifecta animation plays will you get the points?

I believe that today, 1.11, I scored a “clear paddock” on the smart missile and was awarded a perfect paddock. The rulesheet says perfect paddock is not awarded on a smart missile clear.

I could be wrong about what happened, but just thought I’d throw that out here.

UPDATE: did it again a few hours later. I guess it does award perfect paddock on the smart missile.

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@skateball I am having a lot of game freeze and restarts with the new code. Never before. Just froze again as I drained out of Spinosaurus MB. Was having a real good game. Frustrating. Something is going on. It happened in single player and multiple player games. Hopefully the good programming folks are aware and working on a fix.

Mine freezes up as well, it’s really frustrating. Any chance you have the old code? I’d like to go back to pre 1.10 so I can use the game in league play.

I don’t see it defined in the rulesheet or thread: What exactly is the 6-way combo?

Does the whole thing work like Maiden’s 6-way? Must be 6 distinct shots with no other switches between, and no timer.

What are the 6 shots - is it left ramp, spinner, right ramp, heli ramp, upper loop, tower? Does anything else work (control room, or the right orbit which doesn’t feed anything but might be the 6th shot?)

I usually get it by hitting pteranodon ramp, left loop, tower, helipad, left ramp, spinner


Does anyone know if the trifecta awards are subject to the playfield multiplier?