Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet

Yes it adheres to playfield 2x. Only exceptions are fossil collect awards themselves and visitors center bonus.

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Any word on an update to fix the resetting issue?

On Competition Install the T-Rex modes aren’t fixed. How do these get changed?

In the feature settings. Look for the one that talks about the trex modes. There might be multiple of them. Order and which one is first.

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Are you asking how to change which one is lit in game? If so, it’s by hitting the captive ball

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I noticed it note listed anywhere in the rule sheet but maybe someone can include a section on combo scoring. Someone can double-check my math but I believe combo scoring starts at a base value of 250K for any 2-Way combo which gets multiplied by 2x for a 3-Way, 8x for a 4-Way and 20x for a 5-Way. Each DNA combo collected will also boost the base combo value by 50K and the Compy Perk improves base value by another 250K. I couldn’t find this info written anywhere so I had to figure it out manually.


And on an unrelated note, while researching combo scoring I discovered in a podcast where Keith Elwin mentioned the direction of the truck effects the outcome of the “O” shot. If the truck is pointed right (towards amber) then a post comes up when you shoot the “O” causing the ball to drop into the amber pops. If the truck is pointed left then the “O” shot will loop all the way around the top of the playfield. I thought that was a really cool feature.