Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet

OK I googled the answer to my own question and can confirm that in 1.03 the DNA combos was documented to have been changed from 8 to 6.
See here CODE UPDATE : STERN’S JURASSIC PARK: VERSION 0.1.03 | Epicenter For All Things Pinball

It was not actually changed from 8 though in 1.03 code, which MANY people will never be updating from, for reasons most people know and I won’t explain here in case it breaches the rules.

It seems this was not picked up here and the Tilt wiki incorrectly updated the rule sheet for 1.03 to reflect the change to 6 DNA which didn’t happen.

So my post is for all the people that will be staying with code 1.03
DNAx6 is supposed to be the official default so IMO you can lower the setting to 6 and still feel you are playing at factory default difficulty.
For some people that matters, myself included.

They have custom code in their games that’s hasn’t been updated with the newest code. I think it has all the actual movie clips and sounds.

I don’t think talking about pinball browser is against Tilt rules, but I could be wrong.

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@gdd gets the final word, but I’d guess that you’re welcome to discuss the concept of modifying game assets all you want here – please just don’t provide any actual copyrighted assets.


I remember the old days when you ran older code because the new code took something good out. (Ripley’s)

\adjusts onion on belt

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Also, it’s been a while since I’ve used the browser, but can’t you see some definitions in there? Something like DNA COMBOS = 6? Or is it just display text you can see?

I’ve got a quick question about the Fossils, when it says “collect your 2nd Trex Mode” or “2nd Control Room mode”, does that mean you need to complete 2 of those modes, or just complete the 2nd one of the modes you play? My assumption has been you need to complete 2.

Yup, complete 2.

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Ive got another Fossil-related question.

My understanding is that if you collect a wild card fossil, it gives you one of the lowest set fossils. So if I collect a wildcard and it gives me my first trex event or 1st control room mode, will actually completing my first trex event or control room give the 2nd completion fossil? or just be wasted?

IIRC, it’s wasted.

Damn you Elwin!!!

In Feed T-Rex, it looks like you can get a T-Rex event fossil if your jackpot value is at least 5.5M. This means collecting all hurry up shots and hitting the T-Rex ramp in about 3-4 seconds. I don’t see this mentioned in the rule sheet unless I missed it.

Welcome to the forum! Did you confirm this? I’ve had – and seen – some pretty epic Feed T-Rex jackpot values and mode totals, but never seen a Fossil awarded from Feed T-Rex.

To confirm my understanding of what you’re saying… you were awarded a T-Rex event fossil when you started Feed T-Rex by having built a 5.5M jackpot value that you collected at the L ramp to conclude the Hurry-Up phase and move onto the Multiball phase?

Yes, I confirmed it on my machine with the glass off. I’m assuming 5.5 since I got one with 5.5M and didn’t with 5.4. I noticed it when I happened to do it in a game and was surprised since I didn’t think one was available there. The fossil is awarded when you hit the T-Rex shot to start the multiball. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

Interesting. If you test it again, make sure that you’re not triggering the shots “perfectly” to give you a 6-way Combo… as that will give you a Wild Card fossil, and spot you one fossil. And I believe it will start from the upper left, which is your first T-Rex Event fossil.

Doh. Thank you for the suggestion. It looks like I was triggering the 6-way combo. I forgot about that awarding a fossil. My hope that T-Rex multiball could somehow award a fossil got the better of me.


How does the 6 way combo work in JP? Is it like Maiden where it’s untimed and just switch based? Can you repeat shots?

Is there any way to send me the Rulesheet in Word format.

I would like to increase the font size for easier reading


Just copy and paste it into a google doc on your PC.