Stern Godzilla Rulesheet

The second qualification requires you to hit each of the targets and the spinner individually, as opposed to the first where three hits to any of the targets/spinner will do it.

Note: This regards the Pro. I’m not sure if there are differences for the Premium.

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I noticed the last part of this description today (about relighting the shots after 40 more switch hits). Can anyone confirm this is accurate? I played the mode and went for this and did not have it happen.

The instructions are missing a step.

After lighting all the shots, you can shoot as many or as few as you want, then hit the building for the Fight/Flee decision. If you choose Fight, it will add some time, then allow you to relight shots via switch hits.

This is a good mode to use your Heat Ray on if you’re a few stages in and running low on time.


OK. So there isn’t a way to relight all of the shots within the same round by going through another set of switches, and it’s just the same fight/flee behavior as ever.

Is there a way to know the “missile count” at any moment? It seems to me it’s only onscreen when a missile is collected (and possibly not always, since other indications sometimes prevail). Unless I’m mistaken, it’s not in Instant Info either.

So maybe it would be nice to add that information somewhere? (Instant Info would be an obvious spot)

Aren’t those displayed on the inlane plastics?

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Oh, you’re right…

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