Stern Godzilla Rulesheet

Latest rules are amazing, love how this game keeps getting better… That said, I am still really hoping for some UI adjustments before 1.0… Specifically,

  1. Your status in terms of tanks/bridge progress/power line should ALWAYS be visible on the screen. There should be an overlay with this information on all videos, etc… Something on the right side of the screen similar to JP would be perfect.

  2. In addition to the above, this information also needs to be visible/accessible during city select. It’s very difficult to make a strategic decision on whether to stay or leave a city without this information.

Keith/Rick, if you’re reading this please don’t let Stern release 1.0 without these quality of life improvements!!


“all the animation blow offs”
I didn’t mention before but it’s because Godzilla is too damn fun to shoot, I don’t want to wait to keep shooting!

Speaking of backed up animations, I was playing a few days ago and got a replay. Knocker played immediately of course but somehow the replay animation didn’t play until about 20 seconds into my next ball :rofl:

Haha. I had one last night like that. Not next ball, but like a full 45 seconds later after the physical knocker hit the cabinet.

If on your “final ball” you earn an EB does the Oxygen outlane go out for that ball? If you earn an EB while playing a ball saved by the Oxygen outlane will it be lit for what is now your “final” ball?

Yeah that’s in the works

No, I didn’t want to create confusion. Not sure how million dollar shot handles it but I felt best to leave it available

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So oxygen is lit on your first ball 3 then?

Now I’m even more confused, but I’ll figure it out.

On another thing. Is the action button supposed to light for Godzilla powerup decision making? Mine doesn’t, but I always look down thinking it will be flashing green.

I think so

Yeah, I believe so.

I would feel that as soon as you earn an extra ball it would turn off

That’s how I’d implement it anyway

You have EB turned on?? :wink:

FYI extra balls are worth 50 mil now if they are shut off


Just played and observed the following:

Ball 3 Oxygen outlane lit, earned first EB during Ball 3 and drained. During that EB the Oxygen outlane was lit again and I was awarded it when I drained. Made the building shot for the ball save. During that ball I earned an EB and when that EB was played it was not lit.

Just my option here, but I really wish this was an earned feature and not just lit during the “final” ball.

50M? nice~ :slight_smile:

It wasn’t lit during your final ball. Just lit at the start of ball 3, and gone after collecting it.


Is the 50M Rodan-able?

BTW I love the chime when the destruction JP multiplier increases.


Oh this is a good way to do it too. So if you don’t use it on ball 3 it’s still there for your EB but if you do then it’s gone


“Final ball” is how it’s described in the read me.

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Ahh. The confusion makes sense then.