Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Rulesheet

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This post is based on the October 28th, 2023 code release.

A few months ago, I received a Scooby Doo (CE), and while it’s a fun game with great art, music, and callouts, there are currently three specific gamebreaking software issues that eliminate this game as a viable candidate for league or tournament play. I sincerely hope Spooky can address them, since I really do like the game overall, and would love to include it in my own tournaments.

Issue 1: A Software Bug Frequently Results In Glitched Game State
Note that this issue is distinct from any mechanical or coil strength issues related to the Van VUK or the ball lock eject mechanism. In fact, I think issues with those mechs are actually helping to obscure this software bug, as many people experience it in conjunction with other mechanical issues, then set to work disassembling their game to figure out what happened. Well, what happens is this: if you shoot a ball into the Van scoop just as Mystery Machine Multiball ends, and you have your next mystery already lit, then the game ignores the ball that it knows is in that scoop, and goes into a ball search mode. It eventually fires a new ball onto the playfield, but simultaneously ejects the ball from the Van, resulting in a glitched 2-ball state that will not only end the ball when either one of these balls drains, but also frequently remain confused for the next player as well, often auto-plunging the next player or putting THEM into a glitched 2-ball state too.

I have verified that this is not a switch or coil issue, but a software bug related to the end of Mystery Machine Multiball and starting a new mystery. This bug is catastrophic in a tournament setting and would probably result in a DQ’d game, and would definitely preclude me from including it.

Issue 2: Cannot Turn Off Extra Balls
Recent code updates have added several additional opportunities for extra balls, and yet there is no adjustment to turn off any of the extra balls. This is obviously bad for leagues and small tournaments, and possibly a dealbreaker for large tournaments. I’m shocked that a modern game that’s been out for a year would be lacking this basic setting.

Issue 3: The New Combo Mechanic Is Far Too Easy To Exploit
This one is probably going to sound esoteric or like “not a real problem” but it really is important. In fact, this item alone would be enough for most TDs and SLOs to eliminate this game from consideration, so I hope Spooky takes it seriously. Recent code updates have added a combo system, where making any of the four “inner orbit” shots lights all four of those shots with a blue arrow. Hitting any blue arrow again within about 5 seconds builds the combo. Each combo shot is worth the value of the previous shot plus an additional 10,000 points, with no limit. When the combo times out, its value resets.

A typical decent Scooby final score is maybe 10 million. My Grand Champ score was about 25 million at the time. Well, I had a score over 140 million on ball one, and literally all i did was hit the left inner orbit shot 135+ times in a row. By the end, I was getting something like 1.4 million per shot. This was extraordinarily boring and extraordinarily easy, and completely broke the game in terms of scoring. It was about 5 times my prior Grand Champ score. On Ball 1. I probably could have done the same thing on the right inner orbit shot as well. They are both easy to backhand from a cradle, with a controllable return. Could this be mitigated by making the game harder – adjusting the slope, bending lane guides, or removing rubbers etc? Maybe! But luckily, there is a very simple software fix: whenever a combo shot is made, simply unlight the most recently made blue arrow shot. Done. Fixed! Truthfully, the scoring on the combo mechanic is not unbalanced. It’s merely the fact that it rewards hitting just one shot an infinite number of times that breaks it. Without that exploit, it’s not going to be a major factor scoring-wise. But as-is? Woof, you do not want to sit through a good player playing this game for points, and no tournament is going to have time for that.

I honestly think with these three fixes, this could be a pretty decent tournament game if set up properly. But until they’re addressed, this game should be avoided by leagues and tournaments.

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Question …. Does the button on the lockdown bar do anything in this game? It frequently lights up and changes to different colors at different times but I can’t figure out what hitting it does, beyond making a little “bonk” sound effect.

I know it locks in your combo during Fred’s “make a plan” mode. Anything else?

During one of the mysteries (Creeper) you have to mash the action button if he’s close to stealing the paper.

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It has a use for Scooby’s mode to refill the shakes.

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An important heads up regarding the new Scooby Doo Code (3-17-2024)!

It seems to increase scoring by about 10x. A decent game on my machine went from 5 million to about 50 million.

But TDs should know about a potential major problem: If you have Extra Balls turned off (Tournament Mode), then it awards points for them instead.

200 million points.

Honestly I think even 20 million would have been too much, but 200 million is just completely insane.

Oh by the way, Extra Ball is lit by unmasking two villains. I’m not sure if there are other ways to light EB.

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who uses Spooky games in tournament settings?
All of them have issues some more then others.

rick and morty is ok now still some settings may crash the game if set in X way.

tna is ok other then mode ends game (may have tpg issues / issues with other rules) and lock stealing. Also this game does have some forum of dirty pool.

others bad

Alice cooper is usually fine.

I use TNA and it’s fine.

In general, any new, modern pinball game I buy, I expect to be acceptable for tournament use. Saying “don’t use spooky games in tournaments” is not an acceptable answer, IMO.

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I think it has stuff that can give points to other players.

well maybe at times don’t use new stern games till code has had an few updates / be on the look out for issues with new stern game early on.

Yes usually. I’ve never seen an Alice cooper give points to another player.

The game is working as intended. I’m talking about game errors. There nothing wrong with lock stealing games for competition. Especially ones that give you points should someone steal your locks.

That does have issues for rulings / at the very least makes it so that NO score is finale till the last player is done with their last ball.

and hard locking stealing should be an thing in an 2000 or later game

Hard lock stealing is a think in 2000 or later games and it’s fine. Always need to be ready to rule accordingly on games you’re using. Or don’t use them if it’s a pain to use games like that.

well it should be an software setting.

Collected an extra ball today and it awarded me 550 million points. So not only is it absurdly imbalanced, it’s also highly variable.