ACNC, lock stealing payoff and league.

Our league plays best game, 2 attempts per game is groups of 2-4. We are going to be playing ACNC and I wanted to get opinions on the lock stealing setting. Based on @bkerins explaination on backhandpinball it looked balanced and it is probably actually more fair to leave it on. I have not seen people argue over the fairness of this, especially when playing multiplayer against the field. Thoughts?

I recommend turning it off for match play pinball because it can create kingmaker situations (P4 decides who wins between P2 and P3, for example).

Not so sure about your best-game format. Give it a try and see what happens…

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For those of us who have not yet encountered ACNC in the wild and maybe don’t watch videos, can you elaborate on what the setting is and how it might impact other players?

If someone steals your lock, you get 1M points at the time it is stolen. This is less than half the typical multiball payoff, but it’s a nice little boost.


Interesting. And those points can be awarded after a player’s game is over?

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That’s … weird.

It can be shut off easily in settings. We’ve been listening to feedback on whether it’s a good or bad thing to decide whether this defaults on or off, with it currently defaulted on. The feedback has been almost universally positive, it takes away the sting of having your lock stolen.

It’s clearly not good for competitive play.

Really enjoying the game Bowen…keep up the good work!

I suggest putting that setting under the “FSPA Rules” part of the operator menu.