A few notes:

While we’ve not had this issue in previous years, Showclix has seen a large growth in their support department in the last year, and apparently not everyone is up on the correct response. Please know we are working hard to fix it.

Fixing it going forward doesn’t change the immediate issue, though. Please email me at or and send me any and all screen grabs of your conversations with Showclix, as well as the order number and which ticket should be refunded. I will tell our rep about it and fix it.

Regarding duplicates: This happens when someone buys a ticket for themselves, and their friend also buys them one. One of these people needs to request a refund. We can then remove the second instance of the name.


Thanks @chesh, we tried again today and we think its all sorted now.


It would be interesting to know how many have moved up from the waiting list in the last few years.


At least 11–I’m coming too, but am not plugged into the UK scene yet.


great, we also have David M so 12 of us ! we’ve got a facebook group going if you want the details let me know…


Hi, Hepatits_B_Good. How exactly do you change your Pinburgh registration name to an alias? (My parents are great, but I don’t want to confuse the IFPA with two names. I came into the game under an alias and it just stuck.)

I sent this question through the Pinburgh request form a couple of days ago but have not received a reply. Do you know to change this in my registration info?


Waitlist updated today, looks to be around 20 spots.


Just ask at the desk at any point over the weekend. The IFPA can also merge two accounts if for some reason it doesn’t get taken care of.


The greatest functionality Shepherd has ever created. We used to have to move those results over manually from one player account to another, one event at a time.


Don’t do this. While they are very helpful, those folks are busy during the event. Please do use the contact form to request the change: