That’s information a participant should have available before they decide to participate.


This would be an excellent way to drive down demand for this tournament if that is what you are going for.


Ah, well, it’s doesn’t matter to those of us whose internet connections and or typing fingers weren’t fast enough to get in.


Circuit fees are capped at 200 players or $1,000.


I’m pretty sure that’s a joke, right Doug? I mean, it’s a Major and they required everyone’s IFPA number just to register.


Given that circuit qualification is based on a tournament’s WPPR value, I find it highly unlikely that Pinburgh will not be for points.


I can’t believe there’s no whoppers at pinburgh this year!!! Shock of the century!!!


Yes. Calm down everyone :slight_smile:


I can hear the podcasts already!


BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! [in my best Levi voice]


“You hit the Boom Button”!


Is that a new policy this year? I thought the circuit was getting $5 from every Pinburgh player in years past.


Yep … It was updated in the rules section before the 2019 season kicked off.

V. Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Circuit Fee – there will be a $5 fee per player at each event, up to $1000 as the maximum fee (200+players) for any single Circuit event. It is up to each event how they collect this fee. For example, an event could place a $5 registration fee per entrant, or take it out of the overall prize pool. 100% of the money collected will go towards Stern Pro Circuit promotion, Circuit Final prize pool, as well as providing some prizes for each event.


Good info to have, But it appears, unless I am missing something, that your setup is slightly inconsistent with the rules for Session 1:



There are currently just 992 players in the list published by papa. They are presumably waiting for responses from people in the waitlist, or have some spots reserved for comp winners

Either way, it’s only an indicative list at best, generated just for fun and curiosity


Any details yet on an early pick up location for badge and such like last year? I can’t seem to find anything about it yet…maybe I’m just too anxious :wink:


We’ve updated the player list to include division restrictions. Look at the player list! See a problem? Email me.


Is there a way to update league affiliations?


Anyone else obsessively checking for the 2019 version of the “what you should know” video?

I still occasionally break out the 2013 video to get some tips on how to play Jungle Queen.


“How to play” … an EM?

While I wasn’t able to get into Pinburgh this year, I still plan to upload my new and improved EM-cyclopedia next week for all you attendees to use as a reference. Lots of new listings [including some Solid States], a new section or two, and a “quickie version” for each of the approximately 250 games now in it.