Who’s excited!!!



Excited for everyone, sad for us.



To add to the excitement, it looks like the winner of pinburgh will be crowned the Unofficial Pinball World Champion! (unless the current UPWC champion can’t make it, or loses the crown in a pre-pinburgh event…)


Excited? This is the first major tournament I’m going to be playing in. Frigging ecstatic and terrified is a more apt description :grin:


Meh… it’ll be alright… :wink:


Me too. Can’t wait to have a million random conversations a day bitching about games.


22+ hours over 2+ days of competition???


Get ready to fill in the blanks about 40 times.

I was playing _______ and only needed _________ to get _______ but then _____________.


Re-uppin this yo!! AWWWWWWW YEAH!


“Cayle, I am your future self. I have traveled through time to acknowledge your excitement and recapture it for a future that has not yet been written.”

I’m so pumped, I wish it was next week.




First Pinburgh. Can’t wait! I’d say this is the farthest I’ve traveled for a pinball tournament, but I did play one in Wales last year because the timing worked out. Flying out one week from tomorrow. Maybe time to start thinking about what to pack!


Hmm…time to book my flight! :slight_smile:


(fingers crossed I don’t have 2 no-shows in my first group again this year) Woohoo! Pinburgh!!!


So what happens if there is 2 no shows. Do you play against just the other person in your group?


Yes. You play all 4 games. Winner gets 1 point, loser gets 0. At the end of the round your total w/l is multiplied by 3. I went 1-3 (3-9)


It’s my first Pinburgh, and I’m reading up on the rules. I see that the rules are still the 2015 edition. Is there/will there be a 2016 edition posted?


There are unlikely to be any major rule changes, but yes, things are getting finalized this week. The rules will be made available online and readable onsite.