I had to call to get a refund and initially they told me there are no refunds, but once i explained to them there is a 75% refund it went through in about 2 days


Ha, I just saw that, crazy…


I just did a prelim skimming and found 8 possible Waitlist duplicates, 18 possible Player list dupllicates.


@ericwag at #50 @PinballProfile at #108? @BMU at #111? I hope these are duplicate :confused:

500+ deep as is, that is pretty crazy! Lots of local Seattle players unfortunately very deep in the list :frowning:


Teolis got in via a friend with carted tickets.


#36 Neo Skywalker miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight not be real.



i stand corrected. is that person playing under an alias, or do they just have awful parents?


He changed his name (don’t ask me why, I don’t know). He has been playing competitive pinball for a while.


2 Josh Sharpes but only one Trent. :open_mouth:


Yeah I counted about 20 dupes - I have one but getting it refunded has proven so far to be a nightmare.


I play under an alias. I have awful parents too, but that’s a completely separate issue.


Nope, no duplicate, I’m toast. Looks bad for Damien, Colin Urban and Alberto, too.


Doubles the chance of finally winning a major :wink:


2 x 0 is…still 0.


I see Damien #20 on the list. I think he should get in no problem.


I’m thinking the same as well. Good to excellent chances for the top 100 (or at least the top 50)?


I would think so. I’ll put the over under at 120


Looks like a few of the Player List duplicates have unique IFPA ID#s across the duplicates. So those are likely not player duplicates, and simply a single purchaser that bought tickets for multiple unique people.


Thinking 250 myself as August is pretty far away.