Was able to get a room at the Westin the last two years by using Hotwire. You have to do a little educated guessing but if you like risk reward scenarios, it’s worth it being right there for quick breaks.


just beware that the some of the staff in the Westin are very dodgy. One of them ripped of my wife and the managements response to it was shocking. Wouldn’t touch that place, they are not nice people.

The drury is across the road from Westin and the rooms are a lot better in my view, less noise, the WiFI is considerably better, notably for uploading photos.



Well, that stinks. I’ve stayed there a couple years and the only time I’ve ever even had to talk to staff is checking in. For me it’s just nice to have a hub right there. The Drury is great though, for sure.


And the Drury has breakfast - which the Westin does not.


My typical pinburgh breakfast is coffee, a banana, and lots of NERVES :slight_smile:


Looks like Drury is sold out. I reserved a room for the Omni if anyone is looking to split costs.


Sounds about right.


Does anyone know when the waitlist and player list will be posted ?


No. Over on Pinside, Doug has detailed they’re still working through the lists. Waitlist is around 500 strong!!


500 strong!? Wow!!!


That’s so 2018


Thats intetesting news. I guess its safe to report that pinball has grown over the last 12 months. Maybe its time for a global sponsorship posting nice payouts back 40 places or so for the use of spreading thier message in pinball land. It would seem that the time has arrived.


As large and impressive as Pinburgh is, the reach is one or two thousand people. That’s pretty tiny in the advertising world.


Its more about the potential. Eventually what happens in these circumstances is that the potential is noticed and an investment is made. Pinball could be much bigger if the investment is made with a good strategy. Lots of things are needed and are out there. Hopefully someone recognizes the potential and breaks things out of the current mold which by the way isn’t a bad mold but one that is sitting waiting for the starting gun. Lets see what happens. Either barcades will turn to pool and darts or pinball will get the support it deserves to hang and grow. Watching pinball check out in the 90s is something that should provide some fuel to keep it around this time but as much as things have grown, it can disappear quickly.


I think pinball is growing at a great pace. Slowly and organically. And that’s really fine with me. Don’t want it to blow up and then fizzle out like it’s done before.

Pinball is kind of capped by the fact that you need a big expensive machine to play. There’s still not a ton of places kids can go to experience that. Other stuff downloads right to their computer or console or phone.

Anyways if Pinburgh grew 10% per year that’s still massive.


Anyone had any challenges getting a refund from showclix?


Totally smooth when I had to go that way.


Waitlist is live!


#282 currently, ‘papa sucks’. Real nice.


Quite a bit of duplication on the player list. Josh sharp, Ian & Mark Seidler and some others have 2 spots. Micaela Wolf has 3.