Pinburgh itself is so methodical and precise but the entrance into it is chaos.


Here is the waitlist email, don’t need so there will be one more opening.



I’m gonna go elitist and say the top 100 should automatically get bids.

If it’s truly a “world championship” seems silly to have some of the highest-ranked players sitting at home pissed off.

But PAPA has always been torn between the “pro” and the “amateur” of their name so I guess this is the way it’s gotta be.


There’s a qualitative difference between selling out in 45 seconds and this. For 45 seconds, everyone who was prepared at zero hour got in. That was not true this time. And don’t talk about clocks, web connections aren’t precise enough to guarantee that everyone who clicks when they “see” 12:00:00 gets in. Ask anyone who tried that for Comicon in past years.


I think something ala Stern Pro Circuit for automatic entry into Pinburgh would be acceptable. I also think their should be something for folks who’ve never participated before or in the previous year etc. The entry into this event should be more methodical.


I would settle for the top 100 getting three automatic invites to limited entry Stern Circuit tournaments. They must declare and pre-register by Feb. 1, 2019.


And if there are hundreds of people that did that, got waitlisted, then never got in, that will stink. But I bet the majority of the people trying to get in right at noon get in eventually.


They’ve also made it very clear many times that they aren’t interested in guaranteeing tickets to anyone. Not what they are going for. Had no idea the name of the event went past Pinburgh.


They guaranteed tickets last year to certain organizations for either promotional use or to raise funds for charity. Unless we have proof 950 tickets were available its plausible to assume some tickets have been “guaranteed” for other purposes.


Yes, but that was only 10 sets of 2 tickets and it’s highly doubtful that all those were actually awarded.


Not what they represent though. And i thought the winners of those tickets had to go through the regular channels to get their tickets?


I’m not sure what your asking. If you win an eBay auction or compete in a tournament and win and your prize is pinburgh entry, is that a regular channel? The sponsor is eBay for this event. I don’t think its far fetched that Pinburgh tickets will be available through that channel in the near future like they’ve been in the past. I think they raised funds for Path of Play… I also want to preface, I don’t have any issues with any of this personally. I’m just stating what I remember from last year.


I’m not irregular. You are irregular!!! The whole damn system is irregular!!!


I understood that if you won tickets from an event you had to purchase them at noon like everyone else. It was on the event organizers to purchase the tickets on behalf of the winner.



Well, that would be a transfer of ticket which is against the Terms of Service. Regardless, exceptions to the rules have been made. That also doesn’t explain the eBay auction for tickets.


50 VIP
20 Giveaways
930 “Regular Entries”

Impressive numbers!


I hope you’re right!


My friend got his email that he is next on the wait list. We both got on the list by 12:05. I’m expecting my email any minute…


The VIP tickets should be an ebay auction. Now that would be amusing.