Does the Intergalactic Pinball Championship fill up?


how’d that happen Neil? was there a name attached to the other ticket?


Got in! (At noon that is) Really excited about my first Pinburgh!


Added myself on waitlist immediately when tix were not avail. My buddy had two in his cart and then called me to get info… It is like hedging your bet sure there were teams of people adding at same time whomever got in purchased tix. If both got in then they will be released back. If you are waitlist immediately then for sure there will be a number of tix available.


No. At least in past years it wasn’t limited.




It gets busy but there’s not a cap on it like there is with Pinburgh


Can we do that with affiliation changes too?




Should totally have VIP bounty points. But only because I was unable to nab one.


So I guess from now on, Pinburgh is the “World Championship … of those able to get in.” Wonder how many top players didn’t make it?




I’ve heard this sentiment before previous years. One of the things that I think is enjoyable about Pinburgh is that it seems to have something of an equalizing effect. If only “top players” got in, it would be pretty boring for non “top players.” Somehow, the people who end up in the A-division (and really, each division’s) championships always seem to end up being pretty darn good pinball players.

I realize I’m speaking from the position of someone lucky enough to snag a ticket this year. But in previous years that I’ve gone I’ve felt the anxiety of being waitlisted. My first year, 2017, I was in the last batch of players let in waiting there, day-of. Made for quite a jittery first round.

People will probably go back and forth about what Replay can do to improve signups, expand numbers, etc. I’m sure there are good solutions out there. But I do wonder if Pinburgh would be as fun if a significant chunk of tickets were reserved for top players.


Sorry, but 1k player count selling out in a matter of seconds I believe necessitates a change in how registration is handled.


Why? If you’re prepared you’ll get in. Lottery is a bad idea. This way is not random chance. I guess we will see how many prepared people that had to go to the waitlist do, but I think the system can’t be any better.


I don’t think you can be any more prepared than mashing refresh at the stroke of noon. For the 1000+ people ready to play at noon, this was a lottery. Internet is funny like that.


It’s moving!

Dear germain mariolle,
Your name is next on the Pinburgh waitlist


I participated in the first 3 Pinburghs when it was part of ReplayFX. Last year I didn’t attend the show and this year I’m open to volunteering to help if needed. I’ve given my opportunity to being a participant to someone else. If we want to grow the sport having the same participants compete year after year in Pinburgh doesn’t do that imo. It would be better to have some type of rotating schedule with a wait list from the get go. Lets give others the opportunity we’ve had to be able to participate in the worlds largest and possibly best event.


lmao “prepared people”


Frankly, the current method is basically a lottery…