Lets take a minute to appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to make this tournament as amazing as it is from everyone involved. There is a reason this demand is so insane.

Congrats to everyone who got in.

See ya in August


I noticed you can buy Intergalactic tickets now, that isn’t selling out is it?


In! Stoked!


:heart: From the back end, it seems like this is the most organized Pinburgh to date with regards to staffing. Hopefully that’s good news in the long run! See you all in August!


Just go to Matchplay


IN! My dad and I are headed to our first Pinburgh!


Anybody get a waitlist contact yet? < crickets >




Yes, got my email at 11:03. Not any list or info, just saying I was on the list.


That’s what I ended up doing, going to to get my IFPA #


One more non-bot VIP ticket here. :raised_hand: Although I may qualify as a bot after two decades of experience buying concert tickets.


seems like it might be time for a lottery system


Just got in!

Was in panic reading different ticket options!!!


I hesitated a second to make sure I had the right show passes selected. Had no idea how dangerous that was at the time. I figured with the added player count it would take a bit longer than it did!

/still made it in


Got my Waitlist notification at 12:03 as well.


waitlist tickets probably won’t be processed untill they work out all of the registrations in that 2 second period, if I was a betting man there will be around 200 tickets available to waitlisted people with duplicate registrations etc… For instance I have a ticket and I am on waitlist they will need time to sort all of that out. There were two races one to add to cart and the other to add yourself onto the waitlist, crazy stuff.


Yeah, I panicked and didn’t buy a show pass at the time. I did get an intergalactic, but felt very stupid during those seconds. Wasn’t sure if I was locked in just because I was selecting stuff. It was fun crashing ifpa’s website. oh and happened to beef close to the time. Oh the terror of not knowing how far along through 11:59 we were.


If you got in but did not put in your correct IFPA number, drop me a message with your correct player number and I’ll update it in the coming days.


I actually ended up with two tickets, so at least one to come back once we figure out how to hand it back.


how does that happen?