well i clicked on “get ticket” for 1 pinburgh ticket at 12:00:05 and it was unavailable already :confused:


Me too… Sad.


I’m in!




This is my third year and first not waitlisted, so extra cool.


I can’t even get on the waitlist, “Invalid submission, please enable Javascript or cookies and try again”


well i got in … but the ifpapinball website was down so i couldn’t get my REQUIRED ifpa ID. it literally wouldn’t let me checkout without entering an ifpa id. so i put down 0001. i’m pretty sure i’m 0001.


Crap, missed link for waitlist, didn’t get on it right away, was a minute or two, probably way down on it.


Yep me too but a buddy of mine got in and signed me up whew!!!




The IFPA app is working even when the website is down. #shill #ifpaapp #wpprstuff


I am guessing that a lot of 5 person groups were all sitting on the refresh button, and multiple people ended up with carts abandoned. I think we’re going to see the first part of the waitlist move pretty fast.


My son and I are in. Yes!


right Elizabeth said they won’t release tickets back through main page but straight through waitlist so hopefully that will go through quite a bit of the top of that list


yay! :smiley:




I got in!! My second Pinburgh. :smiley:

Is it August yet?


I’m in, after years of trying I’m finally going!


Yes, double checked main page, tix did not reopen when the basket clock ran out.


We had 3 of us all on the phone, all refreshed and tried to put 4 tickets in queue the instant they went on sale. NONE of us got in. Here’s hoping for the waitlist.