I kinda figured I would not get one of the 50 but tried. Really hoping to be one of the 950 left.


Roughly half of the VIPs are already accounted for in this thread without bots/scripts. I wouldn’t be too paranoid.


Almost 20%. 4 more VIP tickets here. And of course no bots or shenanigans, just refreshing like hell. Can’t wait to hear the official sell-out time; I’m assuming 1 second.


Being popular is a great problem for pinball to have. Even if there are a few sneakerheads in pinball that could theoretically bot it, clearly not all (if any) were bought that way. Exciting times. Also crossing fingers for the batch of 950.


It would likely have to be attended to, i.e. script is only performing the ticket selection and clicking through to the checkout process, after that would be manual. Many ticketing sites have controls in place to prevent scripting.


They do it with names - the bot mostly just speed-fills out the forms and passes it along.

To be fair Showclix hired the most notorious bot creator to counterract this in 2017 and compared to TicketMaster, it’s a complete pain in the neck to even find a script/bot for Showclix (for posterity reasons). I love me some internet, and I’m finding it impossible…


So how does this work for people doing the same thing at noon since the tickets don’t get released in 15 minutes? You have 5 people that add them to their cart and only one checks out. That leaves 20 tickets caught in “limbo” to later be distributed to the wait list.


This is the real Pinburgh competition now… come up with creative ways ensure you get in.


Awwwwww Yeahhhhhh


I think only one of them got in so no tickets in limbo


I meant for the noon rush.


Based on @chesh’s comments on the updated waitlist policy, perhaps a bunch of people will be placed on the waitlist and then promoted to the ticket list just a few minutes later.


Will there be a vip waitlist for any unclaimed vip tickets?


Was there ever a doubt that pinball players would figure out how to find an “exploit”? :wink:


is there a link for the waitlist? or is it the same?


Any idea how we would know?


AFAIK everyone just goes to the same ticket purchase page. I haven’t seen the main list vs waitlist behavior myself.


Annnnd they’re off!


Refreshing while watching, pinburgh tickets became unavailable at 12:00:30


Regular also sold out by the time I selected quantity doing 3-sec updates.