thank the pinball gods…

I’m not sure I could handle missing Pinburgh


Weird. I had a countdown timer in the upper right but no checkout link or cart. Now that timer just went away.


Added in one second - no tickets.

Did a bot get the lot?


Got one here, no scripting or bots for me.




No. You can only buy 5 tickets and you have to have real names for the people that get the tickets. You can’t transfer the tickets.


Blame your internet. Haha


I found the culprit who bought all the tickets!


Just an odd thing, i assume at least a couple 100’s people trying, luck of the draw :wink:


I bet at least 500 people tried for VIP.


It will be more satisfying to beat/eliminate an VIP. :yum:


Got lucky and snagged a VIP :wink: no scripting or bots or anything crazy. Didn’t want to take a chance later with a ticket in the cart. Good luck at 12! May the scripts/bots not ruin the party for the next round.


I’m a total tech noob, so how could these things mess things up at noon?


Two Colorado groups got in. No bots or funny business.


Just hearing rumors of bots/scripts to buy tickets. I have nothing more to back that up - just hoping the dedicated folk can get tickets :slight_smile:


If someone were to have the technology to do so, they could easily buy 5 tickets in a matter of a second.

Now, throw out a bunch of these or repeat the process…and we could have a pretty weird Pinburgh roster.


How could they do that without names?


Fail, so close with actually getting to see the ticket screen. I wonder how many tickets they could sell if they had unlimited access to machines and volunteers.


They can’t.


We had a buy in pact. 5 of us went in at once. We all had each other’s info. One of us got through. So, 10% of the VIP tent will be from the DMV.