I am happy to be going for the third year in a row!

I know it sucks to be waitlisted. I’m truly bummed for those who missed out. Good news is that there’s often lots of cancellations so I wouldn’t give up hope. And possibly an auction which might be doable for some people.

The fact that they upped the count to 1,000 participants is amazing. Really, unless they are willing and able to do a “day 1/day 2” split this is probably the highest it can go. I know WSOP ends up splitting days when expected entry > 1000 participants. I mean that’s a whole other can of worms to deal with obviously. Maybe someday it will be possible. But save your ire for the finite restrictions of time and space and number of working pinball machines in the Pittsburgh area, not the organizers.


Not the waitlist - simply released back into the available ticket pool for purchasing.

This is how all the cart systems work. There is a pool of available tickets… users come in with a request, tickets are taken out of the available pool and put into the user’s cart. The user has a set amount of time to COMPLETE their transaction and thus complete their buy. If the user fails to do so, or cancels/removes the items from their cart… the tickets go back into the available pool of tickets to buy.

This is why the “it sold out in 3 seconds” doesn’t really mean you are SOL after 3 seconds. There would be waves of tickets returning to the pool AFTER the initial rush as carts fail, timeout, cancellations, etc. Thus, the strategy is if you don’t get in on the first wave… keep trying… and after a few waves, it’s really sold out.

Edit: ok, reading maybe they changed the traditional cart behavior this year… reading more…


But it was stated by the event organizers that this is not the case


It’s been the same situation for the last 3 years… with the same calls for change :slight_smile: 1000 selling out vs 700 or whatever… same issue.


Very interesting since my email came in at 12:03. image


Only of the people who arrived all the same time… Other systems include…

  • a registered lottery that isn’t real-time at all
  • a waiting room queue with reasonable time buffer, where people are randomly selected from the active queue so there is no ‘who is first’ or mad dash for ‘0 hour’ - simply ‘randomly picked from everyone who was willing to queue up’
  • tiered access, etc


don’t @ me


During my checkout, I saw that there was an “Affiliation” section. Did I miss how I can add the league I run to the affiliation list, or is it too late? I’m not even sure what it’s for and there are only a handful of us, but thought I’d ask anyway.


There’s a just-for-fun tally page of league affiliated scores. Have to have 10 players to count, I think.


Affiliations are something that has been done for a number of years, but this is the first year that I recall them asking for your affiliation as part of the registration process.

Last year, I remember there being an opportunity to switch or add your affiliation while at the event itself. I would imagine that the Organizers will offer some sort of way to add or change affiliations.


I believe that was changed for this year. Any tickets released from non-purchase go straight to the waitlist.

At least as far as this part of it is concerned, this seems more fair. If you get on the waitlist at 12:01 and a ticket is not completed and released at 12:15, you should have first crack at it, not Joe Random clicking refresh on the ticket buying page.


It’s to easily track your leagues progress. Hard to find people in 1000 in the standings. You can look by affiliation and easily see all your buddies.

Also they keep standings by afiliation too.


My question was how do I set up the affiliation? My league isn’t in the list since I didn’t know it could be set up.


You could’ve done it at checkout with the other specify option, or email @chesh here.


Ah. I didn’t see that part. I was clicking and typing as fast as humanly possible. :grinning:


Representing Louisville, KY, our league is SDF (Super Dope Flippers)


Last year we, The Replay Foundation, auctioned off a ticket as a fundraiser for Path of Play.

Last year we allowed three organizations to purchase two tickets each as giveaways. These were the only exceptions to the non-transfer rule. This year we put it on the site so that other organizations could have a crack at that. In all cases we reserve the right to deny the request for giveaway tickets.


Not true.


I won the ticket and PoP got a pile of cash! I was hoping for the same this year :smiley:


I wasn’t able to print my ticket but I got a picture of the information and reservation ID. I thought they would send an email with a link to view but they did not. Is there a way to view a ticket reservation?