kudos to the changes to the replayFX social media effort this year… their facebook feed is far more active and far more interesting this year! great job


The “Qualifying and Results” area of
does not show Pinburgh info. It’s apparently trying to load an http iframe into an https page.
An explanatory message linking to is shown instead.


Here is the link to results


That feeling, when there are 840 people waiting for you to finish a game on WPT…


What is the address/link for following the playoffs when they start? Is it also



Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Albert from Germany. Visited first time Pinburgh. Have a great time here with my son.
Was verry happy to qualfy Finals at B-Division
This video was setup and announcement beginning of pinburgh


Those high numbers are entirely wrong. Last place on the wait list playing in the tourney was 132 or 139. I was present and occupied the 151st spot.

Edit: After looking myself I see I was skipped. Thanks ReplayFX officials.


They are taken directly from the published waitlist and plnburgh player list. As I stated, " this is based on pure string matching… not precise" - The waitlist did not include ifpa numbers so I couldn’t reconcile matches of the same name (tho in hindsight, using the player list at the time I could have highlighted risky entries that might be dupes). The point of the exercise was to spitball… and hope the staff would actually follow-up with the actual stats. They eventually did… sorta :slight_smile:


Edited / Added on to my reply. Great work flynnibus.

Staff had lots to do during the short time period no doubt.

Had a great time on the sidelines watching the players play and helping those out that asked for advice. Even got a thank you hug from a Finals participant in “C” division for pointing out a potential issue before stepping up to the game to play. TD was notified by the player and sorted out fast and correctly after verification from all involved. Job well done ED. (C-Division TD)


Was really disappointing to see that massive crowd just disappear as soon as the last ball drained in the final match. Barely 10% stuck around to see the trophy presentation which took place just two or three minutes later

Where did everyone go?


Gary’s seminar


Went to go play in the greatest arcade in the universe.


If Doug sees this post I would say this act of kindness from a local player deserves a automatic in to next year’s pinburgh


In my case: food. We wanted to beat the local restaurant rush when everyone else did the same.


I just filled out the E-wallet form to submit my info for getting my prize. After I submitted it, I landed on a page with a URL that ended in “success”, so I think I’m fine. The page itself, however, failed to load and presented some kind of error. Should I expect an email confirmation (not received yet after ~10 minutes) or should I just assume all is well?


Trust me, if you placed and won money, they know about you. If they don’t have all the required information, they’ll contact you.


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We had around 6-8 people playing in $10 a person games. The action was hot and heavy.