I am planning to park there, but I’ve never been there. Can someone answer some questions? From what I read you pay when you first park. Can you pay for Wednesday to Sunday all at once? And if you can/do, are you able to leave the garage and return without paying more? Do they give you a ticket you put on the dash or something? Or is it a ticket you use at the gate when you leave?


I’ve never parked there before so the only question I can answer is based on what I posted earlier, “There are no in/out privileges for this lot.” Unless you want to do valet parking and then there is, “Valet parking is available to overnight guests ($36 per night) and includes in/out privileges.”


Oh yes, I missed the in/out privileges statement.


Here are all the parking areas with rates.

I’m thinking the cheapest within walking distance of the omni is the grant street one. Thoughts?


We’ve parked in the Grant Street lot (aka the Greyhound station garage) every time, and it’s been fine, and priced reasonably.


Updated meme this year. (It’s much longer than inline preview.)


BTW, if you do park in the Grant Street garage, you are supposed to fill out an “extended stay form” and submit it to the attendant:

I know many people have parked in this garage for ReplayFX without doing this and had no trouble at all… but officially that’s the protocol.


If you have a Tesla you can also park it out in front of the Westin at their charger. :sunglasses:


This year is surreal - not playing is a strange feeling but dammit, I’m having fun with all you can play rhythm games, pinball, consoles, and even a touch of Fortnite!

I’ll see yinz this evening when I’m ruling on things. Remember to be like Mr. Rodgers and be kind to others! You’re all great.


So the world wants to know… what was the final waitlist situation… how many didn’t show and how far down the list did they get to fill the remaining slots?

@macbeaner ? @PAPA_Doug ?


I heard not far past Eric stone at 78


in the low 100’s i believe


110 made it in, not sure if he was last.


Well… just brute force checking the last waitlist posted vs the 843 player list… I get this.

46!! names on the waitlist were in the final player list

High numbers that were in…

So I’m pretty much assuming… if you were there… they made space?

Again, this is based on pure string matching… not precise. Based on July 17 waitlist taken from


unfortunately there was a few stories of people waiting to get in from the waitlist but because they did not sign in before 9:30 when they started calling name they could not get in :S


well that I can see… did they not sign in just because they didn’t think they had a chance… or because they weren’t able to get signed in?


At least one person didn’t realize you needed to sign in, so was there, but just skipped over.


We took 38 people from the waitlist. The last person was Angela Pecora at 132. There were over 60 people from the waitlist checked in.

680 people checked in early at Harris Grill, making the entire process this morning really smooth. Thanks to everyone for their patience!


I ended up being the last person in at 139, through the grace of a local player that made the waitlist cut, but offered me the spot when he heard I came out from AZ. Thank you sir!


Yay, that’s fantastic!