Anyone come up with any noticeable themes yet? So far I’ve got…

Bank Theme Games
61 Feature creatures that bite Metallica LE, Nip-It, Surf N Safari, Cheetah
68 Things that are legendary Elvis, Casanova, Grand Lizard, Frontier


The last pinburgh I played in, 2016 Round 10 was my dream bank. Monster Bash, Aztec, Volcano, and Escape from the Lost World. I was the only player in the group that knew how to play Volcano and Lost World so won those easily. Rolled Aztec over for the win, and wouldn’t you know it the Monster bash in the bank was brutal. High score in group was 3million, took 2nd.

Actually playing a bank i liked all the games in was a great surprise.


Any reason why it skips from bank 64 to bank 66 when I go to and view the list? Maybe it’s just my browser?


Our brains do interesting things with traumatic memories.


FYI Iron maiden code that will be running at Pinburgh will have the following changes from the current 1.02.

  • Aces High - fixed an issue where destroying the 2nd bomber during the grace period will start a roving shot in the mode that never ends for all players
  • Aces High - initial jackpot scores are boosted by 500K
  • Aces High - fixed a display issue where the playfield multiplier was being applied to the base value instead of the total (no effect on final scoring)
  • Aces High - fixed a display issue where jackpot scoring equation would not be correct after first Super Jackpot (no effect on final scoring)
  • Soul Shard - fixed an issue where the Tomb Award would not light after spotting a random Soul Shard through Mystery Orb Level 3 (after 2 Minutes to Midnight)
  • Trooper Multiball - added missing Beast 1x Jackpot callouts
  • Trooper Multiball - boosted volumes of selected trooper speech
  • Cyborg Multiball - fixed an issue with the ‘Showtime’ speech was getting called when you drain into lighting Cyborg Multiball
  • 2 Minutes to Midnight - changed background font color to red for more contrast
  • Mode Totals - fixed an issue where mode totals were excluding the values of shots made in the grace period
  • Eddie Cards - Trooper Level 2 card is easier, can now be collected by making any 5x Jackpot shot OR lighting all shots for 3x Jackpot
  • Revive - when balls are being launched into play and Revive triggers, no revive will be taken and ball saver will be extended 4 seconds with no grace period
  • Score Frame - fixed a rare issue when adding a player during Bonus countup results in temporarily displaying 0000 scores for all players and overlapping text
  • Music - fixed an issue with the attenuation getting set back to ‘0’ between balls, now it resets it to whatever the adjustment says


Does the current code (or the Pinburgh code) disable secret skill shots in Tournament Mode? I might have been imagining it, but I thought I heard that was a planned change.




That seems cruel for someone to step up to a game and intentionally plunge the left out lane because they thought there was a skill shot but instead be awarded an instant drain (assuming ball saves are turned off)…


Add this to the list of reasons why code revision/tournament mode=on/off should be published.


@nudgey @Thenewguy we need that Oregon Trail Speed Run Challenge to be streamed!


I actually quickly came to love Bounty Hunter.


Or just love that bass groove? :slight_smile:


I am really proud that I instinctively recognized this as a high hand joke possibility and was right :rofl:. Wish it was high hand and terminator 2 lol. Have to admit last year my meltdown bank was the high hand bank but it had equally as much to do with motordome :poop:. At least this year it’s spidernan and embryon two awesome games!


A question. Will back-up games be published? If so I can add them to the PinballSpinner list of 2018 games.


They will not.


You said…

I am going to pretend I heard:

That’s the assumption I’m going to go on.


They might not be able to get Levi to leave if there are that many Stars pins around


Drop by bank 36 to target the most drop-target bank bank.

(Independence Day), 2001, Judge Dredd and El Dorado.


To those who are driving and staying at the Omni, where are you going for parking? Looking for a good garage rec.


I’m just going to park in the garage directly in front. From their website:

Self-parking is offered in the Mellon Square parking garage located across from the hotel. Rates are: $19 Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; $6 Monday – Friday, 4:00 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. (Day rates start at 6:00 a.m.) and all day Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays and weekends. There are no in/out privileges for this lot.
Valet parking is available to overnight guests ($36 per night) and includes in/out privileges.
Day valet parking is available for non-hotel guests
0-2 hours $15
2-4 hours $20
4-6 hours $25
6-12 hours $30