Here’s a better version of the image:


I’m also curious about this as I am disgusted by my current company and want to re-affiliate!!!


There, I fixed it. :wink:


You know me too well


Just noticed no video game championship. Bummed to hear that , I always enjoyed playing in that during replay


Hm? Looks like there’s a whole bunch of video game competitions, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Mario Kart, Tekken etc… Even an Oregon Trail Speed Run Challenge!


Wait, what?

abandons Pinburgh Ticket and gets in line for Oregon Trail Speed Run


In past they had a world championship on certain machines to play then finals on Saturday


Participation was too low for the floor space investment. We now have many competitions over the full festival and have put resources towards those.


This could probably be its own topic but now that the banks have been revealed, does anyone want to share their most/least favorites?


Favorite bank would be #43, least favorite #35


Great to see Oregon Trail, but let’s be serious here:

A M.U.L.E. tournament is the one we really need and deserve!


I’m digging bank #15 (Breakshot, 300, Twilight Zone, and Eight Ball Deluxe) and bank #47 (Cirqus Voltaire, Doodle Bug, World Cup Soccer, and Stars).

Having a hard time finding any banks where there isn’t at least one game I really like. I love Old Chicago, but the rest of #48 is pretty lame (Austin Powers, Shaq Attack, World Cup). I love Meteor, but not excited about the rest of #64 (Ghostbusters, Scuba, Bounty Hunter).


Never let a bank know you like it… you’ll never get to play it if you do…:smiley:


When I did not see any discussion on specific banks this long after the reveal, I was wondering if there was some sort of pre-Pinburgh taboo about talking about banks!


Another guarantee about banks. Your favorite game of all time will naturally be paired with three turds. LOL


Great picks! I’m liking Bank #13 (Jackbot, TAF, Centaur) but I want no part of #22 (Wrestlemania and Hoops).


I considered this before posting. But more importantly the reverse: that I’d get put on any bank I said I didn’t like!


I like the other games in that bank too much (Time Zone and Andromeda).

#13 is actually great. I may have overlooked it because I’m only lukewarm on Jackpot (but really like Card Whiz, TAF, and Centaur).


9 (High Roller Casino, Swinger, SoF, and Incredible Hulk)
29 (RCT, Faces, Jokerz, Sinbad)
41 (Big Hurt, Gottlieb Atlantis, Sorceror, Force II)

All contain 1 or fewer games that I’m interested in playing. I feel like all 72 banks have at least some redeeming qualities, but these 3 are all pretty low on the list of what I think of as fun games.