Yes. (Unless Doug changes his mind).

I’m surprised someone didn’t put the list together during the broadcast and post it :slight_smile:



can’t believe your crossed that river! :slight_smile:


Someone had to :slight_smile:


Looks like there’s been an important video that’s just been posted that was put together by the PAPA Crew. #themoreyouknow


That WAS great info, thanks! And it may be the first pinball video to include a fording, so, there’s that.


Pinburgh 28(teen). IT’S HAPENNING!!!


Did anyone else notice that the Pinburgh tourney landed a new headliner sponsor? It’s now “presented by eBay”

I’m not a big eBay user, but that’s cool that Replay/PAPA landed a major sponsorship like that.


I did not notice this.

Where’s the press release?!?!


I think this might be a sneak peak at the shirt design



The actual release will come later today, for now just the graphic on the website it updated.


Sad to see the return of Motor Show. Anecdotally, it caused a bunch of problems with player other players balls. Also anecdotally, the ruling were inconsistent. That said, I know you do a great job and have probably already talked about this game in your TD preparation.


If it gives us issues, it will be replaced.


Always watch on ball 3 and quick drains. The game’s ball save is extremely odd (like the rest of it) and it’s playing as intended from what I’ve seen in testing.


The issue was that with the timed skillshot, if you don’t qualify the playfield or ballsaves or something, the skillshot reactivates and the next player eager to not miss their skillshot plays the wrong player.


If you do drain and you get another turn the game goes “Bad Luck! Here’s Another Ball” so you can see when it’s going to happen.

The skillshot is Schrodinger’s Timed Skillshot and should not cause players to hurry at all. Posting a relevant deep cut now :slight_smile:


If you go and watch the video with Steve going through the games, Jon talks about dealing with the timed skill shot:


I liked the part where the dude ate an entire fried chicken.


I know this is probably the least important thing, but any way I can update my affiliation before the tournament?


Where are the affiliations and division restrictions listed for each player?