^ Of all things, on Dragon too. :smiley:


Choosing Dragon is like making a pact with the devil. You’ll do fine, but somewhere down the road he’ll call his end of the bargain…


We also did several 6 player games on Six Million dollar man, Flight 2000, and “300”. Hell, Todd MacCulloch even joined in!


2016 Pinburgh record- 53 wins, 67 losses.

2018 record: 55 wins, 65 losses.

for all the pinball I’ve played in those two years, it sure looks like I still need even more practice! :wink:


Did anyone else notice that the Pinburgh tourney landed a new headliner sponsor? It’s now “presented by eBay”

While I’d rather have seen you continue to play, I gotta admit that hearing you intone “Pinburgh presented by eBay” on the live stream did bring me some measure of joy/amusement/surprise.


Thanks. Haha. Yeah, we were told by the production crew that mentions of Pinburgh on the broadcast needed to be accompanied by “presented by eBay,” which is completely appropriate given whatever deal that Replay made with eBay.


I have the same question. When I returned to the form from the error page, it said the form was entered successfully, but I have not received an email with account details. I’ll just sit tight unless I see an update here.


Our form started giving errors, and we didn’t want to break it further until Mark has time to sit down and really look at it. BUT, it is submitting, it just looks like it isn’t.

The form you submitted gives me that information, and then I have to go and create your account manually. The only system you are currently in is my inbox. You’ll receive an email when I set up your (and everyone else’s) accounts. There is an FAQ at


Awesome, thanks!


I wanted to share some thoughts and feedback on what I thought was once again a stellar event. Thank you to the whole ReplayFX crew for a fun weekend!

  • I liked the expansion into Hall C. I thought there was more room overall and that the overall Pinburgh space didn’t feel crowded as compared with prior years.
  • I liked having the stage against the back wall. It created a central focal point for Finals, and I loved the inclusion of the banners above the stage. It gave it a theatrical-type of feel, and provided me an opportunity to get a cool picture in Round 1 when I was drawn on Bank 72.
  • Techs and TDs were super attentive. After throwing on a light, I hardly had to wait to get someone over to talk about and discuss a situation.
  • I’m presuming it was like this in previous years, but I noticed that the staff has coordinating t-shirt colors based on role (TDs, Techs, and Replay Staff) which made it easy for me to know who I was speaking to when situations arose.
  • I liked the fact that were projected screens that allowed the audience to view the featured match in Finals. In my view it allowed for a audience focus on a marquee match-up, and having that screen close to the audience allowed us to easily track what was going on. That being said, I actually missed the vertical screens directly next to each machine this year. We had a few friends in A-Finals that we were cheering on, but because they weren’t in the marquee match-up being featured on the screen, we had no view of the playfield to see what was going on.
  • There were a series of announcements made from the stage at various points after competition started, but it was very difficult to hear if you were close and near impossible to hear if you were outside the Pinburgh area. It would be interesting to add a simple plain-text updates page to the main Pinburgh website with timestamps (i.e. “We’re waiting on a single group playing an awesome game of World Poker Tour. We anticipate the next round to start at 2:45pm.” or “Someone left a phone near Blackout and we have it at the front desk.” or “Want to add your group affiliation? Stop by the front desk and write your affiliation next to your name on the print-outs”.
  • It appeared to me that there were a lot more chairs and tables this year, but there were still rows without seating. I know the layout is of course limited by electrical layout, but more chairs and seating opportunities are always appreciated.
  • I for one would appreciate if the back-up games could be announced ahead of time (if possible, of course). I was on a bank where Hee Haw was subbed in, and it was a complete unknown to us.
  • I liked the layout of Finals this year, with all divisions being relatively close to the stage.
  • I thought the Intergalactic qualifying was awesome this year. Virtual queues, dedicated machines, and nearly double the qualifying time meant that I was able to spread out my entries across time.
  • The new tiebreaking rules were applied after Round 5 and Round 10. My understanding of the current ruleset is that in terms of initial seeding in any round, any people who are tied with the same number of points have a random draw among the tied to determine their seed (and therefore which group they land in) for the round. Is my understanding correct? If that is the case, could the tiebreaker also be applied when seeding every round? That way you have a very accurate view that is reflective of what the eventual tiebreaker is for Rounds 5 and 10.

Thank you again to all the staff for their hard work on making this event happen. Looking forward to the next one!


Looks like the eWallet account creation confirmation email went out today. I received mine.


Agreed! I was very impressed that I was able to get through all my Intergalactic entries on Saturday evening, even with long electronic queues.

My only suggestion for next Intergalactic is… for the PAPA software that’s also used for Intergalactic … implement new logic/feature in the system for when the next-up player isn’t present, to allow the scorekeeper to select a player from the queue list who is there (similar to DTM). Currently, the system will flip flop back and forth between the next-up player and the 2nd-to-next player, and if the 2nd-to-next player also isn’t there at that moment, both the next-up player and the 2nd-to-next player will get booted from the queue instead of just skipped over for one play. I made it a point to make the one-minute walk back to the Intergalactic bank from Pinburgh finals spectating whenever I got the notice that I was 2nd in line… and once when the “next in line” wasn’t present, by the time I got the bank, both the “next” and I had been passed over and booted, and 3rd in line was up on the pin.

Thanks again, organizers, for running Intergalactic in addition to Pinburgh. It, too, was a fun tourney.


One post-Pinburgh question I gotta ask: how does PAPA get those spinners so juiced?! I would love to get input on how to get my Stars spinners at home going as nicely as the machines at Pinburgh.


Dunno what PAPA does…but Zoom Spout Oil has worked really well in my experience.



I second zoom spout. I’ve never had to reapply after the first use.


“Thank the bus driver” memes are coming to pinball? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Snailman @coreyhulse thanks for the suggestions. I’m passing the software one over to Aiton, and I really like the idea of putting the announcements up on the page. Neither of those should be too difficult to implement.


Oh, and to answer one of your questions: this is the first year TDs had their own shirt. Techs always had their own but there was just one “staff” shirt and we found that when tournament directors went out to the other parts of the show they were being asked questions they had no answers to. Likewise, staff wondering in to Pinburgh. Separating them seemed like a good idea, and I’m glad to hear it had the desired effect.


Hey guys, I put together this video of some Pinburgh that I shot Saturday. I would’ve gotten some more of the tournaments, but why create more editing for myself when I could be playing pinball?
Pinburgh 2018 sights and sounds