Pete posted in fb event page that rounds could take 3hrs and people arriving at 6p would probably not get to play :frowning: Dunno how badge pick up is going to fit into this either.

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Did PAPA acquire any new machines in the last year? Wondering if there will be something I haven’t seen before.

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Yes. There aren’t a lot of new acquisitions, but there are some.

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How much of the tournament will be streamed this year?

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Is there a live standings link out there?

Dying to see how Seattle is representin’.



Stream anywhere?

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Down due to power outage earlier, back in ???

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Stream was up earlier? I figured it was gonna be on Twitch and last year’s coverage didn’t start till late in the Quarters so I thought it might be a while still. Where was it on?



It was scheduled to be on Twitch starting from Round 2. I’m not an official, so I have no idea when it will be fixed.

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Everyone send good vibes to the Pittsburgh PA power grid.

There are (roughly) 16,764 people queueing around the convention centre to see Hillary later. Loads of Police sealing roads off etc. Hoping it’s not that that’s causing issues for Pinburgh steam?

The live results page has also been static for over an hour. Hope everything is going okay.

Edit quarters just updated. Semi groups:

Edit stream is live:

Now that I’m off mic, I can say…


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We did better this year and finished by 1:30 :slight_smile:

Also, by having two courses and alternating which course the newest foursome went to, we got everyone in that showed up and wanted to try.

For next year, which would people prefer - starting earlier and cutting off earlier to get done sooner or keep it as it is so that people can get into Pittsburgh a little later on Wednesday and still have a chance to play?

This was my first Pinburgh and it was everything I thought it would be and more. Everything ran extremely smoothly. Can’t wait for next year.

Kudos to PAPA, the techs, volunteers, TDs, etc… who put in a tremendous amount of work to put all this together.

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SThis year was incredible and last year was awesome. Each year it gets better. Here are a few bullet points on the positive from Pinburgh and Replayfx

  • Pinball Olympics was a great addition
    -Having the credit games together made a difference not many machines had zero credit in them except the zaccaria pinball machines. Maybe next year have all the zaccaria pins in it’s own section together
  • Bands both nights were really good , enjoyed playing video games and pinball listening to the music
    -ping pong table was a plus maybe add more than 1
    -casual seating especially in the concourse was a plus this year
    -number designation on the sign boards were perfect
    -having a TV monitor for status of A finals was spot on
    -commentary from Bowen on finals was perfect but might need a longer microphone cord or go wireless speakers
    -massage specialist was perfect
    -special thanks to all volunteers, techs , and all the vendors there to help support this event

Here is a few notables to improve for next year
-more than 1 beer vendor man that line was packed and long especially with only 1 person working the area
-lets have the league trash talking tournament on Saturday night
-the lower playfield monitor on A finals were not visible as we saw plenty move to the left for the family guy games, maybe have one huge monitor with the twitch feed in middle of stage.
-could there be announcements from a overhead speakers to inform on events coming up and seminars to see
-maybe during trophy presentation recognize the winners of B,C, and D division winners

Overall great improvements to this event and had a blast meeting new people and spending time with old friends


So who else got the VIP bag with all the goodies? I have no idea what the black plastic thing is - looks like a frame of some description, but not sure what for. Anyone?

I’ll probably make a longer post at some point, but in brief - awesome event again. Tournament went smooth like chocolate from what I saw, with pretty perfect timing on getting the rounds started and so on. Audience area was a great improvement since last year. Hopefully this is one area that can keep improving. Bowen’s announcements during finals (on score, position and so on) were great, but I heard some say that if you were sitting more than a few rows back the screens were hard to see (and in some cases players or machines would block view of the monitors). It’s almost a victim of it’s own success here, with hundreds of people wanting to watch the live finals I think still more could be done, so it will be interesting to see again next year.

It was so much fun I ended up missing ALL the discussion panels, and even missed the VIP party when the finals ran slightly late. Hope someone has video capture of some of those?

Haha, that’s a license plate frame for the US. You screw it in over your license plate, they usually have witty sayings, ads for the dealership, etc.

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I thought the two courses was a great idea and everything ran super smooth! Wish I could have come back for finals but we left ATX at 530a :sleepy:

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