Thanks - Lol for some insane reason I’m not seeded last :blush:


Any word on if there will be checkins from either of the two hotels today?


Attention Pinburgh players: Early check-in for Pinburgh will occur today at 2 locations.

1 PM - 5 PM: PPL Clubhouse - 2319 Wharton St

7 PM - 9 PM: Kickback Pinball Cafe - 4326 Butler St


I posted we were trying to get one at the Omni, not that it was a definite. :slight_smile:

But we do have two locations for early check in:

1 PM - 5 PM: PPL Clubhouse - 2319 Wharton St
7 PM - 9 PM: Kickback Pinball Cafe - 4326 Butler St


about 3 miles from the Westin it seems, easiest to get is to get a Uber?


Is the PPL Clubhouse check-in not until 11pm? The ReplayFX - Pinburgh update email had the following in it:

“Wednesday: July 26 - Join us from 1pm - 11pm at the Pittsburgh Pinball League Clubhouse to pick up your tickets and (if you desire) check-in early for Pinburgh. We offer this extra check-in period as an optional service for players who want to avoid the Thursday-morning lines at the convention center, but please note it’s not mandatory and only functions as a convenience. A pre-Pinburgh pinball tournament will also be occurring at this location, with details announced upon arrival”


Looks like its on the 91 bus line, every 20 minutes, 15 min ride. But yea probs uber, especially if you are traveling with somebody else


What time are you planning on going over? I should be in the area by 5-5:15 for pickup - since I have to be there until the end I may not be the best ride back though.


Apologies doug - didn’t mean to cause Agro :slight_smile:


thanks, though my lay over in St Luis is already delayed so I don’t think I’ ll be at the Westin before 7:30 so don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I spot people there to share a Uber or just take one, no biggies. i’ll save $$$ by using the 28X from the airport :wink:


@PAPA_Doug will kickback be open for anything besides pickup? Play/etc

Normal hours are posted as closing at 6. Trying to understand if getting there early means locked doors :slight_smile:


Sorry I saw this late. They are open until 11. Hopefully they let people sign up until then too.


Watched the broadcast this morning not knowing who won. Contrats to Colin and runner ups.

Excellent commentary, as always. Cheers Bowen and Steve and the all of the broadcast crew.

I am curious about the setup of Jokerz. From my understanding, it is not the best high level competition play game out of the box. Was there special playfield mods, software mods og adjustments made?

@sk8ball wearing a Jaws cap. Did that get mentioned on the broadcast (I was skipping some). I guess this means that he is definetly not working on a Jaws themed game. And that he is poking fun at all the speculation.

Next year.


Not sure which thread to throw this is, but it seems off topic for the others, so I will put this here. Graph of difference between initial seed and final position after round 10 (+ve improving, -ve dropped). Might throw it into R later and do some actual analysis.


I suck at interpreting graphs…what is this telling us?


A lot of people (around 60, tallest line at zero point horizontally), finished very close to their initial seed. Diminishing number of people finished much higher than their initial seed (lines going to the right of zero), also diminishing number finished lower than their initial seed (lines going to left of zero).

My partner Pat finished tied at 151 after being seeded 710; he gained 559 spots to place him far on the right side of the graph. I went from 552 seed to 227 finish, putting me around the 325 mark on the right. Wonder who the couple +650 blips were?


This was my first Pinburgh. What a wonderful tournament! Absolutely top notch. Can hardly believe that it is possible to pull off such a large event in this level of quality, but you guys did. Very impressive indeed!


  • Number, diversity and quality of the machines
  • Social matchplay event with a minimum of 40 plays guaranteed
  • Fast, excellent and laidback interventions by the staff when needed (referees, technicians e.a.)
  • Etc etc


  • Low temperature in the convention center

Looking at the weather forecast in Pittsburgh I packed my bag with shorts and shirts. But in the convention hall the temperature was too low to play in those garments, it felt uncomfortably cold in my opinion.

  • Rule about not being able to point out to a fellow player when he has an unexpected ballsave

I paged down the thread about sandbagging and there was quite some talk about unsportmanship and that this behavior was against the rules. However, at the start of the tournament it was explained that you could not point out to a fellow player when he has an unexpected ballsave, because that could be against the interests one of the other players. It would be judged as “interference”.

Deliberately not pointing this out to one of your adversaries is unsportmanship-like behavior in my book. And penalizing someone who does, that takes the cake. This is a bad rule.

Overall: 9,5 out of 10! :slight_smile:


From my experience… this seemed to be a problem mainly on the right side of the hall on the first two rows especially on Saturday. Some sort of inbalance in the HVAC (or just directly under the air flow). I too noticed that on Saturday and I was actually sitting on my hands to compensate!

This hasn’t been a regular problem in my experience… so I figure that was something abnormal.


I’m with ya friend.
I’m not gonna yell across the room or anything, but if I’m standing just behind and I see a ballsaver happen as they’re turning around, my zombie arm will rise and point at the machine (usually no words come out). This is ingrained from all the casual play. And it’s very much a social norm, in my opinion. If I was going to let someone walk away from a ballsave, I would probably turn around real quick and pretend I wasn’t paying attention at all. Is it really, really the rule?? I know we talked about it somewhere on here.

That said, when someone’s got a stuck ball, can’t figure something out, whatever, I DO NOT approach the machine or the player. Doods have a way of congregating around malfunctioning machines like they’re a Weber grill or a lawnmower that won’t start, and I just don’t wanna be the guy that is distracting you with chitchat right as the ball search finally works.


Regarding the temperature: I feel for you because I am always too cold in the summer thanks to buildings that, to me, are over-air-conditioned. I had gotten advance warning last year that the hall might be cold and to wear long pants and bring a hoodie and I’m glad I did (and I did it again this year). Next year maybe I’ll remember to post a warning for other perpetually too chilly people. That said, temperature preferences are strikingly individual. I am often miserably chilly in rooms that my friend thinks are just perfect. I bet you’re going to hear from a dozen people who loved the low temps in the hall.