You should also have received an email with the same info around 7/20.


Indeed I did, serves me right for not reading that fully. Thanks @PinballNarcissist and @stevevt.


ReplayFX 2018 - July 26-29, 2018
ReplayFX 2019 - August 1-4, 2019
ReplayFX 2020 - July 9-12, 2020



And bonus points for not conflicting with the 2020 Summer Olympics. :smiley:


Separately, The Menzingers and Piebald are playing in Michigan this weekend :cry:


Never mind! Played the new v0.85 code over the weekend; it’s pretty great. SW is shaping up to be awesome. Hopefully I draw that bank.


Played SW17 in a tourney on Friday. New code was loaded that day. And it reset TWICE during competition. Both times during multiball. I think it was during “victory laps” each time. Awesome game but I don’t see how it can be used if it keeps restarting.


Dang, that sucks. Well my buddies Ramona are playing on Thursday and they do a Piebald cover sometimes! I’m missing out on Worriers and Typesetter but I’ll just make up for that at FEST!

Sorry, I’m not trying to derail! Pinball, pinball, pinball. I leave tonight and I’m getting sooo excited. The friend I’m staying with is only 5 blocks from the clubhouse so I’ll likely see lotsa yinz there.


does that work for you @genex? :smiley:


ha ha - uh, 2019 and 2020 for sure :slight_smile:


We had similar issues last night running 0.85. First the display just went dark mid-game and we had to reboot the machine, then on the second attempt to play the game player 1 was at around 3B when he got some sort of kill screen and his flippers died mid-ball. Decided to pull the game at that point, but it does make me worried about its code reliability for Pinburgh.


In our game sound went out first. LCD froze. Then everything went dark, but flippers were still flipping. Eventually after draining both balls the machine re-booted on it’s own. This was player 3 on a 4 player game on ball one. He had between 1.5-1.8b when it died.


We’ve had SWPro on location, played pretty much nonstop during a recent monthly tournament and I heard/saw 0 issues with 0.83 code.


Does anyone have a general idea of when each round of A Finals started last year? My carpool will be leaving Saturday afternoon, would like a general idea of if we can catch semis/finals or not. I see on youtube the semi’s and finals took 4 hours :smiley:


They are starting the semis at 5:00 this year.


ah yes, the Replay FX schedule I stopped reading after "Friday"


We’re still waiting to hear whether you can pre-checkin at Omni? Thanks


Did initial seeds get published this year?

cannot sort by seed yet, might be waiting for thursday morning for that. could dump into a spreadsheet and sort.


PapaDoug posted they would have something at Omni on pinside.