Thursday night is definitely a “go to bed early” one for me. If you’re more on the indie rock side, Spoon and The New Pornographers are playing near the convention center Wednesday night at 7:00. I was totally going to do that but I get in just a little too late.


I probably should show up for Pinburgh well rested, but fun is hard to say no to. Maybe I’ll squeez a nap in the middle. :sleeping:


Shaker motor on that game?




Nope. Friend’s game, freshly unboxed.


Game looks fun :slight_smile: The layout and ruleset that space invaders pinball should’ve had?


If anyone would rather have their own spreadsheet for whatever slicing and dicing purposes you have, I got you covered. This should be read only, but you can make your own copies for your own manipulation.


Any way to label all the MHS voice overs on Pinball Videos? Because that is GOLD!

In fact, I really just want @mhs to describe each game in this fashion for the final bank at Pinburgh.


What are the Tip-Off awards offered in tourney mode?


How are they hidden when they’re described on the rule card?! That’s always bugged me


Anyone know if the Pingolf tournament’s 7pm cutoff is for starting a new qualifying round, or if qualifying rounds need to be completed by 7pm?

(Apologies if this has already been answered on the FB discussion…)


I believe (not the organizer) after 7 PM no new games can be started.


I can’t imagine it’s the latter. “Sorry, it’s 7pm and you came up one hole short. Your entry will not count”.


at the cutoff time whatever hole you are playing you can finish that hole, but if that’s hole 2 only your first two holes will count and you’ll get max strokes for the rest of the holes…


I went in 2015 and i believe the wait was about 4 hours if you signed up anytime in the afternoon. The Pittsburgh Pinball League people (I believe Petey was the only one running it?) were very brave for inviting any and all comers. The space is just too small with so many people wanting to play that many qualifying games. But wppr’s!


Will there be early check-in again at the Westin? If so, what time frame?

Looking to plan my drive up on Wednesday, but I don’t want to be too late to miss it.


I don’t believe this was the case last year. It could be crowded but was very well run, as you would expect. Looking forward to it this year.


Online it said that early registration is at the PPL clubhouse. Not sure of the time


Online where? There’s nothing on ReplayFX’s website that I can find.