As of now there is not info on pintips for it…care to share?


If we unbox it and the SD card is present, things are looking good.


When is Bowen’s Motor Show tutorial? :wink:


This is it! The year of Shaq Attaq on the big stage!!!



Hey everyone! Are we expecting to find a few repeats in the banks? I found four “repeats” and wanted to verify.

Bank Game Name
6 #1 Dirty Harry
33 #1 Dirty Harry
28 #1 No Fear
37 #1 No Fear
17 #3 Pinbot
69 #3 Pinbot
53 #1 Rolling Stones
69 #1 Rolling Stones


No Special Forces? :slightly_frowning_face:


Ditto! Looking forward to another Pinburgh and hanging out.
Wednesday night I think I’m gonna go see Negative Approach and Bloodclott at Cativo’s and they had three pins when I was there last year. HMU if you’re interested!


Yes, that’s normal.





Seriously though, shaq is awesome.

All hail billion point hidden feature bonus!


Whoa. Thanks for mentioning this!

edit - Thanks for getting my hopes up! :unamused:


WHAAAAA??? Man I had planned to get to sleep early but this is seriously tempting.


Boooo, its actually Tuesday :frowning:


Exact same thing happened to me last night. I was two modes away from… whatever happens when you finish the modes, but alas, trapped in hyperspace. Code not quite ready for Pinburgh, IMO.


We will keep an eye on it. But honestly, there are quite a few games in Pinburgh that have code ‘bugs’ of some sort.


Exactly. And what better way then to highlight the game in those toughest settings next week and make every big possible show up with the most eyes on it so it can be relayed back to Stern and they can be squashed!


Oh maaaan. I’m super sorry. I had my days mixed up. Thanks @heyrocker for correcting me. Well I’m also going to see my friend’s band Ramona play with a band called Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! and Pity Party at Mr. Roboto on Thursday the 27th. And Lydia Lunch is in town that week too if any of yintz are interested. Didn’t think there’d be a bunch of NA fans here. Sorry again for getting hopes up. Maybe just fly out a day earlier?


Haha. @mhs 's voice-over intro to the Strange Science gameplay video is still one of my favorites: