Any ideas on when the banks will be announced/published?


@bkerins can the powers that be add the NKY pinball league to the affliations? Myself and Chad Hobbs are members.



Ah, afflictions, affiliations, it’s all the same. LOL


But we’re not affiliated! Plus that will officially put our league on the map! We’ve made it! Haha

Btw Chris. Just got your post. Doh!


We’ll be able to add affiliations before and during the tournament.


I actually put in my Pinburgh 2015 feedback to request a change in weekend for 2016 and all future Pinburghs. Couldnt change the date for one guy! I got married instead, and didnt attend 2016. Thankfully I told my wife back then that i am going to 2017 :smiley:


There’s still time to talk them into moving to Pittsburgh…


“In the case of fewer or more than 700 players…” would be even more sterling! :slight_smile:


really looking forward to my first big tournament :smiley:


Can’t wait for my first pinburgh. I am nervous because I am still way back on the waitlist, but I will be there Thursday morning to try to get an open spot!


Went to Pinburgh for the first time last year and it was an amazing experience, can’t wait to be there again.

I qualified for C last year but didn’t make finals. I’m hoping for B division and the finals this year.

Anyone have suggestions for things to do on Wednesday night? I don’t think we will have enough time for the tournament.


Sleep. Last chance you’ll get for a few days!


Does anyone happen to know when the banks are going to be revealed?


from the PAPA FB page. Looks like you have to open it and zoom in for yourself.


Looks like Group #66 is the fun one this year :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:



Or 68


Torpedo Alley!!!


Does PAPA have some special tourney ROM for Strange Science?

Other head-scratchers: Shaq Attack, Big Hurt, City Slicker…


I am hoping 63 and 64 are close enough that GOT multiball start can be heard from blackwater 100.