Do you know if you need to pre-register for this or if it will be an open event?


The Pre-Pinburgh event is an open event.


Thanks Doug! Can’t wait.


Getting hyped by watching one of the best ball 3s by all four players on a finals game that I can recall. The amount of crazy saves, bounces, and skill moves involved in ball three of this game is just astounding!
“Not like this…Not like that”


Best/most stressful game I’ve ever seen. This was Pinburgh at its peak for me — watched this with my mouth hanging open and my head in my hands the entire time.


I would like to take this time to thank the kind people at ReplayFX for the fact that “Intergalactic” will be running through my head for the next month, reminding me of my frosh week.

Please join me in this constant trip down memory lane.


Jazz and AWOL, that’s our team.


Step into a party disrupt the whole scene!


I didn’t see any updates anywhere, but it looks like the pinburgh rule updates have been posted.


Circuit points are no longer an A division restriction.


When all four (or six) games have been completed by a group

How can a group play 6 games?


I think groups of 3 used to play six games with 2/1/0 scoring to avoid half points. That has since been changed to a standard bank of four games with 3/1.5/0 scoring. Maybe this is just a relic of the old rules that didn’t get cleaned up?

I could be completely wrong on this. I’m sure @bkerins can clarify.


Didn’t know about that, thanks. I played in a 2-player group for round 1 of Pinburgh 2015. Would have been fun to play 12 games :smiley:


Holdover language from years past I think. 3-player groups used to play 4 games, then the first 2 in the next group or something like that. It does state that records are still multiplied by 1.5, so doesn’t look like they’re going back to 6 games (which would be even harder now anyway given how saturated banks are).


Yes, that’s correct, all groups should be 4 games now. Unfortunately the 2-player group resulted from no-shows, but thankfully we had rules to deal with it. I’m hopeful for far fewer no-shows this year. I’ll look into getting the rule changed. If you see anything else wonky, let me know and thanks!

In other news, there is still time to cancel Pinburgh tickets for a partial refund, for someone who is sure they cannot attend.


Bowen: skimming through the link last night, I noticed that the Group Assignment examples used 700 players as the basis. I think this is still fine for showing the reader how the tiering structure works. I’d simply edit the language at the end of the examples to say that: “In the case of less than or more than 700 players…” Bold/Italics is inserted text.


@bkerins is there dates for 2018 yet? My sister is considering a wedding date nearish what could be Pinburgh2018 so I am trying to see if it will conflict and convince her to change it…


The balls on this guy.


just tell her she can’t get married between early July to late August… Easy! :slight_smile:


Any idea on the dates for 2020? I am gonna crash a wedding but don’t want to miss Pinburgh.