Ouch. That looks like loads of fun. :angry:


The center is a round bank of standup targets and the top of it a ball falls into it and it’s a cannon. It rotates 360 degrees and an extra flipper button fires it. They managed to very poorly chose to shoot it down the outlane!


Bwahahaha. Seriously? They intentionally fired the ball toward the outlane? Fire better! :slight_smile:


Not sure if it was intentional or not. That video doesn’t exactly look like they have much of a clue what they are doing :wink:


Added Bowen’s X-Men Tutorial after he released it to the masses, and IE Pinball’s Hobbit tutorial (marked @kdeangelo as player, hope that’s right).


Used to have one of these in the arcade by my house. It’s pretty fun and rarely talked about. I remember enjoying it.


If it’s not too time consuming, can you add the ifpa nationals and women’s finals? I can resend the email if you need


Thanks for reminding me, and for sending that video data in the first place. I’ve added the IFPA 2015 Women’s Pinball Championship and the IFPA 2015 US National Pinball Championship.

I just did a quick check to see if this was the first time I added footage of games by female players. It wasn’t.


Added some pinball101 tutorials I’ve missed. Most of those games haven’t been tutorialized before.


This is up. I’ll send you an email too.


Thank you. I don’t see it on the site, yet, though? Does it have to be approved by a mod?


@umbilico uploads them all manually

Cal Extreme 2016 links sent


Thanks, added NW Pinball Championship 2016 and California Extreme 2016.

Also, Escher is one of my favorite commentators. Any game he’s on is an interesting watch.


@umbilico I emailed you the links and names for Pinvasion 3 in Atlanta. Thanks @GApinball!


Thanks, added Pinvasion 3</a">.


Sent links for Buffalo Pinball Summer Open 2016


@umbilico also sent links for a few matches from the early rounds of expo 2015 that definitely deserve to be archived on the website


Thanks, added Buffalo Pinball Summer Open 2016, the early round games of Pinball Expo 2015 and Bowen’s new KISS Tutorial.


I did a Stern Viper stream if you want to check out the game in action. Highlighted a game where I maximize the multiplier too.


Hahahaha. Lol @ the dude stealing your glory at the end.