Yeah, it’s a classic Wayne move to come up to you and start talking about nonsense while you’re having your best game on stream lol. He does the same in my Dracula stream


You laugh now but wait till you have to experience him every week. We’ve had to start talking to him about it lately!


@umbilico I just sent links for Free Play Florida 2016

Still waiting for the PAPA crew to transfer a few tournaments to YouTube.
-Louisville Arcade Expo 2016
-Pinburgh 2016
-Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show 2016
-Pittsburgh Pinball Open 2016


Thanks as always, much appreciated, I added Free Play Florida 2016.


@umbilico Your awesome ! Thank you so much for all you effort !!


I just added a very rudimentary “share a moment” feature, because I found I need something like that myself.

Pausing a video will give you a link to that exact point in time. This could be useful when you want to share some specific gameplay moments with others without actually marking them as public highlights.


Added some videos

I’m mainly updating this thread because of this, though:

The latest video I added is @sk8ball playing a game of Dracula, with him and @Adam talking over it after the fact. Adam says in the beginning that this is an outdated concept, with Twitch and everything, and I’d like to take this opportunity to disagree:

I think those are the videos that are actually worth coming back to. Great focused commentary, no distractions, with the person actually playing the game giving his point of view.

Just to put my next sentence into a bit of perspective, I love how there’s an abundance of pinball streaming nowadays, and I love that PAPA got the ball rolling on live tournament broadcasts. –That said, I’m still fondly looking back to those Pinburgh 2012 videos that originally got me back into pinball with their focused after-the-fact commentary. Don’t know if the bug would have caught me again if I had missed that window of not live videos.

So, just in my humble opinion, there’s a lot of value in this sort of video, and I’d love to see lots more of it.

Edit: link to the video


Agreed! It’s hard for commentators to maintain focus on the game at hand when they have to try and sustain it for 2+ hours. The focused discussion on those 2012 Pinburgh games definitely had an impact on how I thought about playing. Especially like when the players themselves get to give insight on their own play after the fact. Pinburgh commentary always seem to be pretty spot-on though.


More more more. Having the player talk about what they did and why is incredibly insightful. And they can concentrate on playing then talking. Love it!!


Cool, nice to see that there are others who feel the same way. In case anyone’s not aware, @bkerins does really good voiceovers for his Patreon project that basically do the same thing—take some exceptional gameplay footage and make it accessible by explaining what’s going on. Not exactly the same thing, because the player doesn’t get to chime in, but it’s Bowen, so the explanations are top notch anyway.

I’ve asked Bowen why he’s releasing those as crossfade or audio only, and not as muxed videos, and he said he didn’t want to take away from the original content creators. That’s a great reason, but I wonder if it wouldn’t benefit everyone if the original creator was just offered the commentated video to publish on their own channel. Free high quality content for the original creator’s channel, and more exposure for the Patreon campaign through various channels with their own subscriber base. Maybe I’m missing something, but right now, I don’t see how this isn’t a win-win.


Also, @Adam, when you said something along the lines of “This is how we used to do things, kids, Keith would put a camera over a game, and he would play it, and then we would talk about it afterwards”, are you saying that there’s a treasure trove of voiceover videos somewhere, with you and Keith talking over his games? Or did you mean just casually talking about a game afterwards, without actually recording?


This is hilarious…

Good play, but:

  • the playfield looks quite flat, definitely not the standard 6.5 degrees. I also have mine around 5.5/6 and its definitely easier. You can tell from how easily ramps are made
  • standard flippers (same here): so much more fun than the frustrating and annoying lightning flippers. BSD has actually been designed for standard flipper, lightning flippers has apparently been added later from a suggestion of a french operator in order to shorten ball time
  • ball save time during multiballs VERY generous (mine much shorter). Hence much easier to start multi-multiballs
  • which flipper rubbers is he using? I can dead catch all the time, but here it looks like gluing the ball
  • also rubbers on the outlanes looks like gluing the ball. Mine, black, bounce definitely more, and when the ball is in that area it often bounces several times then drain. Outlanes are obviously narrow, as they should be on BSD
  • tilt also seems pretty loose
    -gentle slingshots, they do not throw the ball all over the place
    That being said, I think that this is the way to setup this machine. So you can see who is a good player. When the game is set as normal (6.5 degrees) I find it not only brutal, but actually random, which is frustrating and not fun. Anyway in this video in my opinion steepness is a bit too easy, as well as ball save time.


Sorry. All the games for which we did “old school”, after-the-fact commentary are already out in the wild. That’s not to say that there isn’t any new, cool, content in the pipeline, though :wink:


Where was this posted? Would love to see the shitstorm of comments this person will now endure.


I was actually testing my new gummi-bands, outlane drywall screws, carrot lightning flips, tilt stifler and hacked multiball rom and he caught me :wink:


Yeah, I saw that and chose to ignore it so as not to start the shitstorm…


This gives hope for me and Hegge’s Chicago Pinball League final from several years ago at Josh’s house.


If you like the post analysis style check out AKM . He does a lot in that style.


PPO 2016


@umbilico I just emailed you the links for CLEPIN. 10 hours of footage. Damn, son!