PPO2016 links sent as well


@umbilico I just sent the links for Pinburgh. Hopefully PAPA still has the Louisville footage lying around somewhere.


A Tutorial of sorts. Better than nothing.


@PinballNarcissist if you liked that you’ll LOVE this:


WCS94 tutorial (for dumb dumbs like me)


@umbilico emailed you the Ohio state championships video from last year


Sent info for Louisville Arcade Expo 2017


Is dead now? Haven’t seen any tournament updates since 2016.


:frowning: I don’t know, he hasn’t emailed me back in a while.


I really miss this site getting updated links to videos. Is there any way that the community can help you with updates?


@PinballNarcissist for site admin!


Sorry for the hiatus, guys. It was pretty stupid to hinge the project on one person for so long.


Actually, I wanted to do this for while now, but it took me some time to get around to writing some usable admin tools fot the website.

I added Louisville 2017, PPO 2016, Pinburgh 2016, and a bunch of tutorials.

Thanks for the offers to help, this is much appreciated. I’ll keep in touch.


PAPA 20 added


INDISC 2017 added
Texas Pinball Festival 2017 added


Bat City Open and Pinvasion 4 added. Thanks for the help @Snailman and Mark

IFPA 14 @cayle and @Theguyoverthere matches added.
Pinmasters 2017 final 3 games added. Stone/Becker/Belsito/Zach on gorgar, flintstones, and CSI


Here’s a list of games that have been added to the site of which we had no previous competitive footage.

Lexy Lightspeed
America’s Most Haunted
The Rolling Stones
Lost in Space
The Flintstones
Wipe Out
Jurassic Park
Dr. Dude
Dungeons and Dragons
Road Kings
High Speed
Eight Ball Champ
Hit the Deck
Jacks Open
Little Chief
Quick Draw
High Hand :slight_smile:
Doodle Bug
Target Pool
North Star


Recently added:

PAPA13 CFTBL final
Bat City Open 2017 classics
Louisville Arcade expo 2016 (lyman magna-pass included)
Lyman TWD pinball with the pros
PAPA circuit finals 2016-17
Gilligan’s Island gameplay
Big Bang Bar tutorial
@kdeangelo do or die multiball



I like this one, because it shows what happens after you get a 2x super jackpot in Wipe Out.

(Spoiler alert: You get raptured.)


:laughing: Damn instant replays ruining my local recordings. Won’t happen again!