You mean local recording on the cameras memory card? I would find that surprising?

I assumed they only recorded the feed being broadcasted straight onto the HDD computer?


@umbilico is your server down or having dns trouble? I haven’t been able to load the site for many weeks :frowning:


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of any issues, it has been working alright for me. Are you having trouble reaching the server at all, or is it just the front end that’s not working for you (i.e. can you access API URLs like

Is anyone else here having any trouble reaching the website? @Brian also told me he’s been having a tough time reaching the site, and I’d like to get to the bottom of this.


Never had an issue here. Usually check in once or twice a week and used it extensively in the week just prior to Pinburgh. pingdom not showing any dns issues either:


I could reach that API URL just now and then I tried the main domain and it loaded for the first time in a while. Computers are terrible, don’t listen to me, who knows what’s going on.

EDIT: No, something is definitely wrong. Page loads some times but not others. It’s stuck at the “waiting for…” state in chrome. Feels like the server is refusing to respond


works fine for me on chrome


I see the same thing. Chrome just spins and spins saying “waiting for”. Some days the page loads really quickly and sometimes it never loads at all. This is also not browser specific. I see the problem on Firefox and Safari as well. What’s weird is doing a ping works every time and it resolves the DNS. So I’m not sure where the problem is.

EDIT: @haugstrup and I have similar situations in that we both live and work in San Francisco (so maybe the problem has to do with that?)


I’ve submitted a few videos a few times and haven’t had any luck getting them listed. Maybe they aren’t what you are looking for. Just sent them again, but worth posting here…

GREAT WOZ Tourney video

WOZ Tourney

Swords of Fury Game Play Videos
Swords of Fury 2k

SOF 4k


Hmm… links are in my post but then don’t show up when I hit submit. Oh well… guess they aren’t meant to be out there…


I think you can go back and edit you post, adding hyperlinks to the existing text


Yeah I had the links in there, I can see them show up in the preview. And I edited my post a few times. When I hit submit they show for a second…then disappear.


Snailman is talking about a workaround for the forum obliterating YT links. Edit your post and use the hyperlink button and add it as a link manually.


that did it!! Thanks!


@heyrocker & @CFFlegs 's commentary on that WOz video was interesting to me primarily because it was clear just how complicated WOz’s ruleset is and/or how hard it is to do commentary. There was a point when the playfield was lit up like a bowl of skittles and you were trying to figure out which BALL mode was running that amused me. :wink:

(also @heyrocker: is ‘reply in new thread’ a feature that’s been removed?)


If so it is because it was removed in a recent update to the forum software, its nothing I did explicitly.


I had to search for it the other day. Hit the Link icon (and two chain links) and then there’s a “+ New topic” action from there. A bit confusing but what are you gonna do…


I added a few videos, thanks for the suggestions.

Some new stuff, too, I didn’t have any Domino’s, Hobbit, or Royal Rumble footage before.


Just grabbed a stern Viper. Don’t see any good gameplay video out there. Once I figure out all the rules I’ll try and put into set the cameras at The Sanctum and shoot a good tutorial of sorts.


I’ve tweaked the site a bit to address a few issues with long loading times (thanks @haugstrup for the suggestions).

If the site took a long time loading for you before, please try it now, there should be a noticeable difference.

Another thing, I just had a chance to check out Bowen’s Patreon, and I think it’s pretty cool and worth supporting, so I added a little donation prompt to his tutorials on pinballvideos. I hope no one’s too bothered by this, you only have to click it away once, and maybe this might help getting us more high quality tutorials.


Never heard of this game before. Please tell me what happens at around the 2:50 mark here :wink: